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MGT5MIO Innovation Analysis Assessment


MGT5MIO Innovation Analysis

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Part A: 1500 Word Written Report (30% of total grade for subject)

Your report should address and include the following elements (for more details, please refer to the marking rubric):

• Cover page, Introduction

• Discuss the major sub-types of your innovation or the area of this innovation you are going to focus on (eg mobile commerce within technological innovation, or self-service innovation, design innovation)

MGT5MIO Innovation Analysis Assessment 1

• Discuss the most important milestones for this innovation 

• Discuss how your innovation has affected organisations management approach (Use company examples in your answer)

• Recommend 3 future developments of this innovation for organizations based on your research.  N.B. Timetable/costs/charts should be placed in an appendix and not included in word count.

Depth of Analysis – Response shows clear understanding and application of relevant concepts. Explanation is well elaborated and detailed

All relevant concepts applied accurately, all clearly detailed & thoroughly elaborated, showing excellent understanding.

Maximum score 40

Comprehensive & Consistent – Response is detailed, comprehensive and logically consistent. All questions are responded to in detail and all parts & ideas logically consistent

Response is very comprehensive, detailed and logically consistent.

Maximum score 30

Professional Presentation – Professional standard of writing, clearly structured, with appropriate language and tone

Very well written, with clear structure and appropriate language and tone.

Maximum score 10

Critical & Well Supported – At least 15 recent references (the majority at least 2014 – 2015), in the AOM format

All points well supported. All support materials recent and respected, and in the right format.

Maximum score 10

• Use of appropriate presentation style and references – Use at least 10 academic references (using the  2010, Academy of Management style.

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