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MGT2321 Principles of Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Do you need help for MGT2321 Principles of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

MGT2321 Principles of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Essay Assignment 1 – Brief


This assignment must be word-processed and reflect a solid academic approach (1,000 words+/-10%).

Deadline for submission: 25th February 2022 by 9pm (online TI)

Answer both parts (a) and (b) of the following sections:   a) Prepare a proposal for an innovation (product/service/operational/social)    b) Prepare a reflective piece on the innovation process you used Material covered in: Lectures 1-5.  
Title Page Give your work a title with reference to the innovation.Include Module Code and Name; Date of Submission  
A. The Innovation (Approx. 500 words)   Approach this as if it were a written “Elevator Pitch”, i.e. you have ~3 minutes to pitch your idea.  This means that you need to get the idea across succinctly.  You must include the following: A.1. Discussion of the general Problem/Opportunity being tackled, including stakeholders. A.2. Description of your innovation (i.e. How it works!) A.3. Analysis of the unique selling/value proposition (Uniqueness of your idea compared to the current context) A.4. Description and evaluation of resources needed to make this innovation happen (e.g. equipment, materials, skills, partnerships, etc.) A.5. Explanation of how to engage stakeholders with this innovation (e.g. pre: consultation to refine the innovation, post: raising awareness).  Split your word count approximately equally between each of the 5 sections. Include illustrations to help explain your innovation.
B. Your Reflection  (Approx. 500 words)   B.1. Introduce this reflective piece (~50 words) B.2. Main Body Evaluate the efficacy of the references (e.g. Academic and non-academic sources, personal communications, etc.) you used to help you develop your idea. (~100 words)Explore how your understanding of innovation changed and what you learned from this experience. (~100 words)Relate how this experience might help you deal more effectively with future scenarios. (~100 words) B.3. Offer a conclusion to this reflective piece (e.g. benefits and limitations of the experience, what you might have done differently to make this a more effective learning experience, your thoughts in general).  (~150 words)  
References List all of the references cited or quoted throughout the text (e.g. books; handbooks; journal articles; government reports, media, personal communications, audio-visual sources, etc.) Use the Harvard referencing system.


  • Keep focus on the required tasks
  • Have a proper structure in place based on the above listed requirements (best to use report format with numbered headings, subheadings, bullet points, etc.)
  • When giving examples, explain ‘who’, ‘when, ‘how’, ‘where’ otherwise it is not an example
  • Additional references to the recommended texts MUST be used
  • Introductory sentences are very important
  • Avoid long sentences
  • Avoid colloquial language (‘a lot of…’; ‘to come out with…’; ‘does not’ instead of ‘doesn’t)
  • Consistency (third person for the Innovation/first person for your Reflection; font size and style; headings/subtitles; illustration format; etc.)
  • Copyediting work prior to submission is essential
  • Each citation/quotation made in the main text must be in the Reference Section and vice versa
  • Wikipedia is not an academic source of reference; neither is a search tools like  Do not use sites such as,, etc.
  • Avoid plagiarism like the plague

Utilise CiteThemRight, and Grammarly and refer to detailed referencing and academic writing information provided by CAS or your lecturer.

Citations in the main text, e.g.

  1. General references (Smith and McDonald, 2020) or according to Smith and McDonald (2020)
  2. Quotations (Smith and McDonald, 2020:33) – page number needed
  3. Three or more authors (Smith et al., 2020) or (Smith et al., 2006:33)

Reference Section

Full reference required (author/s name + date + title + journal/book/publisher)

e.g.: Smith, L. and Mc Donald (2020) “The importance of entrepreneurship and small business”, Journal of Small Business, 7(4), pp.308-319.  

Other instructions

Before you submit your work for final grading, please ensure that you have accurately referenced the work.  It is your responsibility to check the spelling and grammar.  If you have submitted a formative or draft assessment, you will receive feedback but no grade. The comments should inform you about how well you have done or tell you about the areas for improvement. If you require feedback on your draft assignment, you should do so only to your seminar tutor SEVEN DAYS before the deadline. Any feedback requests after this time frame will not be entertained by your tutor.

All assignments should be submitted online through Turnitin.

N.B.     Any student who experiences problems uploading their work on Turnitin should take a screen shot and immediately (no more than 15min after the deadline) e-mail their work and the screen shot to their seminar tutor.

*Please watch some clips of Dragons Den/Shark Tank to get some insights/samples.

            MGT2321-6 Principles of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Marking Scheme

Student Name:

Student MISIS:


  Very PoorPoorAverageGoodExcellent
Part A: The Innovation (40%) Recognition and effective exploration of the problem/opportunityOriginality and evidence based approach to the innovationRealistic and innovative evaluation of the innovation and its implementation                       
Part B: Your Reflection (40%) Critical assessment of the references used. Honest evaluation of student’s own learning experience and future reflectionDepth of insight into the overall learning experience                                  
Structure, Format, Referencing (20%) Adherence to structure and consistent formattingEffective use of illustrationsEvidence of effective research sourcesWriting style, grammar, spelling, citations & referencing, etc.                              



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