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MGMT6012 Assignment Two Management Research


Learning Outcomes

• Understand the nature of naturally occurring data and how this can be objectively analysed to inform your practice and influence your behaviour

• Analyse and discuss how the structure and characteristics of organisations can influence and constrain managers and their decision making

• Identify the range of organisational stakeholders and explain how managers can manage effective relationships with them to motivate, manage and lead them to a preferred decision outcome

• Apply a range of techniques and strategies to communicate effectively to a culturally diverse range of stakeholders


The assessment suite in this subject is designed to provide students with a framework to understand organisational behavior, politics and the dynamics of the business environment. The assessment suite aims to equip students with the necessary skills to understand the constraints managers and emerging leaders face in developing strategies to leverage advantages and overcome constraints and barriers in organisations.


Following from the first assignment, students will create a personal SWOT analysis and comment on their fit with the organisation identified in their first assignment submission. The second assignment should include:

• the use of three naturally occurring data (e.g. conversations, emails, corporate artifacts that regularly occur, etc.);

• assessment of personal strengths and weaknesses as viewed by self and others (ensure you reflect on who is giving you what feedback, how you appear to be progressing, and how you fit within the organisation where you work or want to work);

• a critical assessment of how you are placed or misplaced within the chosen organisation; and

• a discussion of self-improvement for continuous improvement.