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MGMT 601: Business Report: Cross-Cultural Differences in Leadership


Assume that your boss has asked you to prepare a formal Business Report on Cross-Cultural Differences in Leadership which will be shared at the next executive meeting. In this report they want to see well-documented information on the ways cross-cultural differences affect leadership in the 21st century.

Your essay/report must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. A proper executive summary, introduction, body and conclusion.
  2. A discussion which evaluates current trends in understanding cross-cultural differences and describe the most relevant frameworks dealing with cross-cultural differences;
  3. A description of your experience working for a specific organization, here in Canada or in another country which focuses on the leadership and/or management challenges you experienced resulting from cross-cultural differences. Cross-cultural differences can be observed between people coming from different countries or coming from different parts of the same country where cultural differences was observed.
  4. A discussion which evaluates how cross-cultural differences influence the performance of the chosen company with specific examples.
  5. A discussion of the problems encountered, the implemented or proposed solutions and end with set of recommendations relevant for this company. If you have reason to believe that the implemented solutions and recommendations could have been improved further, please discuss your proposed improvements as well.
  6. Report must contain at least 3000 words. Report must include 6-8 citations and references in addition to the textbook. All sources must have: authors, publication dates, and publishers
  7. Report must exhibit good writing, research, and analytical skills, appropriate for an MBA-level paper
  8. Report must be written in the formal style. Avoid using personal pronouns and use only personal experience as needed for this assignment. Your essay must be grounded on facts plus research.
  9. Avoid/limit usage of charts, diagrams and other visual components, instead concentrate on making your ideas coherent, relevant and convincing
  10. Submit your report via Turnitin timely; late submissions are penalized by 10%/day

In order to get A and B level grades, you must demonstrate knowledge of frameworks and studies beyond the content of the textbook and in-class explanations in your report and provide a relevant set of recommendations, precisely targeting specific problems that focuses on leadership that you identified in the chosen company. Avoid general recommendations which could be applied to almost any company.

Please refer to your course outline for the weight that this assignment contributes to your final course marks.

If you experience some extraordinary circumstances which affect your ability to complete the assignment on time, e.g. medical emergency, you should request an extension before the due date, providing supporting documentation

Before you start working on your assignment, ensure that you have paid attention to the rubric below.

Grading Rubric for Business Report:

CriteriaBelow standardAt standardExceeds standard
Current trends analysis Report includes at least 5 relevant trendsBoth positive and negative aspects of the chosen trends are identified and analyzedAnalysis is illustrated with practical examples    0-5    6-11    12-15
Frameworks description At least 3 relevant frameworks are included in the reportRelevance of chosen frameworks in contemporary business environment is discussedKey components of each framework are outlinedBenefits and limitations of each framework are clearly identifiedAssertions are supported with research          0-7          8-15          16-20
Cross-cultural differences in the chosen company Main dimensions of cross-cultural differences in the chosen company are outlinedBoth positive and negative effects of these differences on company’s leadership, decision- making processes and overall performance are identified and analyzed Analysis thoroughly employs trends and frameworks discussed in the General part        0-7        8-15        16-20
Conclusion and Recommendations ❏ Recommendations precisely target each problem identified  0-5  6-11  12-15
Each recommendation is:specificaction-oriented, concise and clearly writtenrealistic and feasiblesupported by research   
Integration of concepts from the textbook/other sources Multiple sources are used in both main sectionsCitations are used to support specific and relevant points, not to provide basic definitionsCited sources match concepts discussedReference list formatted properlyReferences are accurate and all of them are used in the report          0-5          6-11          12-15
Professionalism of the document Report includes all required sectionsMinimum word count requirement is metReport exhibits good writing, research and analytical skills, appropriate for an MBA-level paperReport is coherent; your key points are clearReport does not contain grammar or spelling mistakesTitle page formatted properly          0-5          6-11          12-15
Maximum total  100

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