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MGMT 20135 Critical Thinking and Managerial Decision Making


MGMT 20135 Critical Thinking and Managerial Decision Making Assignment

Assessment 1: Practical and Written Assessment-Article Review

This assessment item accounts for 30% of your final grade for this unit and must be completed by students individually

Due: The assessment is due on Monday of Week 4, 30TH March 2020 at 5.00 PM AEST.

Task: The review must be 1500 words in length excluding references. Two points will be deducted for assessments that are over or under by 200 words.

Cover page: The essay must include a cover page that contains your name, student number, resident campus, assessment title, lecturer and word count. essaytyper

Minimum number of peer-reviewed journal articles to pass: 10

Both on-campus students and distance students must write a review article and submit online via Moodle by the due date. There will be a late penalty of 1.5 marks (5 % of 30) for each day late.

Format: Text should be word-processed, Times New Roman, 12 size font and line spacing (1.5). Please save/upload your file in a Word format (.doc or .docx). essay typer

Referencing: The list of references should form the last page or two, at the end of the assessment. Referencing should be in a consistent APA style.

Task Description: The purpose of this task is for you to demonstrate your ability to critically analyse, synthesize and evaluate information and present that information in a written format. A list of articles will be available on the unit’s Moodle site for you to choose from. You will then write a critical article review based around your responses to the following questions. HND Assignments

Critical Analysis

  • What is the background of the research? (Background)
  • What is the research objective?
  • What are the core research questions the article addresses? Why are they important to address? (Research questions)
  • How was the research conducted? (Methodology)
  • What where the major findings? (Findings)
  • What are the significance of the findings for future research or management practice? (Significance/implications)

Critical Evaluation

  • Critically state what you agree and do not agree about the article and explain why? (with specific examples from the article)
  • What are its strengths and weaknesses?
  • In your view, what is the overall value (e.g. contributions, advances, impacts, etc) of the article?

Please do not simply list the questions and your response to them. The questions are to be used simply as a means for you to critically think about your chosen article. Your review needs to contain answers to these questions, but they need to be in essay format, that is, containing introduction section, body paragraphs and a conclusion section.

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