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MBS 518 Principles of Business Governance


MBS 518 Principles of Business Governance Assignment

Semester 1 2020 Assignment

This assignment is worth 40 marks.  It must not exceed 1100 words. The assignment is due by 5 pm 28th April 2020 WST .  Students must submit their assignments in BOTH electronic and in paper form.

This is an individual assignment.

In answering the assignment you must use a 12 size font, double spacing and default Microsoft Word margins. The mark for your assignment will be determined by reference to the quality of its analysis, its clarity and organisation, and its presentation, including its freedom from distracting stylistic errors (grammatical, spelling, punctuation and typographical).  Where appropriate, references should be made to statute sections, cases, texts and other commentary. 

Late assignments will have 10% of the marks deducted per day or part thereof.  Extensions for the assignment will be granted only in exceptional circumstances. If something exceptional arises that you believe requires an extension you should contact me (preferably by e-mail) before the due date.  Reasons which are insufficient to warrant an extension include computer failures, car failures or other transportation difficulties, work conflicts and other study commitments

Cases decided by courts and tribunals have a name, a year of decision, report title, report volume, and report page number.  All of these details should be included in the first citation of the case. E.g. Stevens v Brodribb Sawmilling (1986) 95 CLR 523.  After that the case can be referred by name only.  Where you have found out the details of the case from a summary or other source and not

from the case report itself, your sentence should conclude with that source.  E.g. In Stevens v Brodribb……(van der Waarden 2010, p18).  Note, this example is

appropriate for Chicago style referencing; the end of sentence reference will be denoted differently depending on the reference style.

Legislation should be named with the year of parliamentary approval and jurisdiction listed as part of its name.  E.g. Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth).  Cth is an abbreviation for Commonwealth.  WA is the abbreviation used for Western Australia. If you are referring to a particular section of an Act, you should name the act first and then add the section.  E.g. Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) s. 117.

Once you have cited cases and legislation appropriately in the text of your paper, you should NOT list them again in your list of references.  Nb. Reference lists include books, articles, internet documents, etc.

See the Library guides at for further information on Chicago or APA style referencing.  You can find information on AGLC 3 referencing at

Assignment question

Johnny, a student, went into the university cafeteria to have lunch. He took a tray from the rack and as he passed along the counter, he specifically requested for and was given by an attendant a plate of curry chicken and vegetables that he put on the tray. The price for the curry chicken and the vegetables was clearly printed on a board next to the food items.

Next, Johnny then selected an apple, banana and a coke from a self service stall and also placed them on his tray. The price for these items was also clearly marked.

As Johnny was proceeding to the cashier at the end of the counter, he reflected that final examinations were due to begin in a week’s time. He no longer felt hungry and therefore told the cashier that he wished to return all the food items on his tray. The cashier insisted that he must pay for all the items.                                                       

Discuss the following situations strictly according to the Principles of contract law only.

(A)     Can Johnny refuse to purchase the apple, banana and the coke ? (15 marks)

(B)     Can Johnny return the chicken curry and vegetables that he had specifically

           requested from the attendant  ?                                                             (15 marks)

(C)     Would your answer to (A) above be different if Johnny had

           taken a bite of the apple, a sip of the coke and peeled the banana  ?   


                                                            END OF PAPER