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MBAF 504 Business Economics


Course Name and Number: Business Economics – MBAF 504

Group Project I: Microeconomics Case Analysis with News Article (Weightage 20%)


The group will research and select one article (less than five year old) that discusses an economics issue from a list provided below. The article may be obtained from a major business or economics journal, magazine, or newspaper such as The Economist, Wall Street Journal, Businessweek, Times, Fortune, etc. Preferably the article could be from the UCW library database of newspapers and magazines or other reliable source. Using your own words as much as possible, explain the main points being made by the article’s author, the economic principles used by the author to support his/her argument, and the implications of the story. To do this, you will be applying some of the key economics concepts you have learned in the course to explain the meaning and relevance of the economics story to individuals, firms, and/or industry.

MBAF 504 Business economics
MBAF 504 Business economics

Major Topics (select any topic for your project)

  1. Supply, demand, and equilibrium market price
  2. Elasticities of demand and supply
  3. Production in the short and long run periods
  4. Competitive markets
  5. Monopoly, cartels, and price discrimination

Objectives: The main objectives of this project are:

  • To identify key economic issues in real world scenarios affecting individuals, households, and firms.
  • To demonstrate critical thinking skills by critiquing and analyzing the article.
  • To apply the appropriate economic concepts and principles to understand, explain, and interpret the decisions made and actions taken by the main economic agents.
  • To evaluate and reflect on the implications of changes in economic conditions on the behavior and decisions of households and firms.

Project Components: The project should contain the following sections.

A. Cover Page.

Cover page clearly reflect university name, professor name, course name, group members names and ID. Clearly write the topic selected from the list above and its number. Example, Topic 4: Competitive Market. Clearly write the article’s title, date of publication, author, and publisher.

B. Content.

Your project should have the following four content sections:

1.     Introduction and identification of key economic issues and concepts

  1. In this section of the project, provide summary of the article and the main objectives of the article. Clearly identify the main economics topic or issue raised in the article,
  • While the author will elaborate the issue, you will identify the key economics concept(s) attendant to it. That is, what economic principles, theories or concepts apply to the article?

2.  Relevance of the economic issue

In the second section you will focus on explaining the importance of the economic issue(s) cited in the article and its relevance to individuals, firms, and/or government. Most economic issues have implications for consumers, or producers, or to the nation. Examine and discuss the possible meaning and importance of the issue to these groups.

3.  Academic explanation of the economic concepts

This is the core section of the paper where you will use economic theory and illustrations (usually graphs) to academically explain the economic principles or theories on which the article is based. At least one graph is required in this section.

  1. You will utilize your knowledge of economics to connect what the author is presenting in his/her article. In other words, use the appropriate economic theory to explain the author’s main point.
    1. The key to this section is applying your economics knowledge (concepts, graphs, illustrations) to help clarify to readers what the article is saying.

4.   Conclusion and reflection.

Summarize and reflect on what you have learned from reviewing and interpreting the article. How is this knowledge important to you? What other implications can you derive from the article?

Note: Clearly indicate these four content areas above by using them as section headings in the paper. Do not use any additional or different headings.

  • References. Your paper should have a minimum of five credible references listed as sources for this paper.
  • Appendices. If necessary, to show illustrations, tables, diagrams, data, etc.


  1. This research paper should be submitted as ONE document in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) only, in APA format, and not created with any other software that must be converted to Word format. Any tables, spreadsheets, graphs, diagrams, etc. should be copied into the Word document.
    1. The paper should be a maximum of 7 pages double-spaced (not including cover page, table of contents, and references page), using Times New Roman 12pt font, and comply with APA style. Correct use of APA citation and referencing methodology is required. No abstract is required.
    1. Hand-written and scanned works, pdf. files, jpg. files, as well as files posted in Google drive, will not be accepted, or graded.
    1. Do not copy illustrations, tables, diagrams, etc. to substitute for your written analysis. These elements should be placed in an Appendix area at the end of your paper if necessary.
    1. Your writing should accurately record sources of material cited, quoted, paraphrased, or summarized in the appropriate places as well as in a References list at the end of the paper. Get Cookery Assignments now !!

Your paper should be checked for plagiarism, with no more than 20% of the content matching similarity with Internet sources.

  • The resubmission of papers from previous courses partially or in its entirety, is unacceptable, and will result in a grade of zero for this assignment.
    • Your paper will be graded on writing clarity and quality. Grammar is important! Be sure to demonstrate critical thinking skills, use economic concepts and terms correctly, and anticipate any objections that can be raised.
    • Since the paper has Turnitin submission, please comply to the APA citation accordingly. Please note that late submissions would result in 10% daily penalty. Get help in assignments with quality work !!

Rubrics / Evaluation

This project will be marked in its entirety out of 100 (20% weightage). The following rubric will be used to evaluate your work.

Activities / PartsGrade
1. Contents 
a. Quality of Introduction/10
b. Relevance of the economic issue to the microeconomic agents/20
c. Academic explanation of the economic concepts relevant to the economic issue(s)/20
d. Quality of conclusion/10
e. Quality of research sources (valid and robust)/10
2. Communication 
a. Uses language clearly and effectively (Essay)/10
b. Information organized intelligently and holistically (i.e. not simply answers to questions) (Both)/10
c. APA Formatting (title, headings & references) (Essay)/5
d. Spelling and grammar (Essay)/5