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MBA502Emotional Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence and Diversity


Assessment 1 Information

Subject Code:MBA502
Subject Name:Emotional Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence and Diversity
Assessment Title:Emotional Intelligence Self-Reflective Report
Assessment Type:Report
Word Count:1500Words(+/-10%)
Total Marks:30
Submission:MyKBS (Turnitin)
Due Date:Week 5, Monday at 11.55 pm AEST

Your Task

Using the first two of Daniel Goleman’s (2020) Emotional Intelligence (EI) domains of self- awareness and self-management, students are to write an EI self-reflective report. Students are to use a variety of EI development tools and strategies provided during classes to assist in their reflections.

Assessment Description

In this EI self-reflective report students will demonstrate how what they have learned in the first four weeks of the trimester has improved their understanding of EI, in particular their levels of self-awareness and skills in self-management. Students are to refer to the outcomes of the psychometric test (link below) and at least one other of the EI tools (e.g., mindfulness and journaling) to demonstrate their increased knowledge and understanding. Finally, students are to reflect on any implications of their increased EI in their future career as a professional.

LO1:Analyse the key features of emotional intelligence and cultural intelligence, as well as one’s own strengths and weaknesses in relation to EI / CI.
LO2:Apply the concepts of emotional and cultural intelligence to the modern workplace, and the implications for leadership, teams and for transforming organisational cultures.

Assessment Instructions

  • Introduction (150 words)
  • Self-awareness (400 words)
  • Self-management (400 words)
  • Implications for your future career (400 words)
  • Conclusion (150 words)
  • Reference List (using the Kaplan Harvard Referencing Convention throughout your report and reference list at the end)
  • You should include a minimum of two (2) academic references, with the remaining from contemporary business articles, news items and/or comparison websites. Please refer to the Assessment Marking Guide to assist you in completing all the assessment criteria.

Important Study Information

Academic Integrity Policy

KBS values academic integrity. All students must understand the meaning and consequences of cheating, plagiarism and other academic offences under the Academic Integrity and Conduct Policy.

What is academic integrity and misconduct? What are the penalties for academic misconduct? What are the late penalties?

How can I appeal my grade?

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Word Limits for Written Assessments

Submissions that exceed the word limit by more than 10% will cease to be marked from the point at which that limit is exceeded.

Study Assistance

Students may seek study assistance from their local Academic Learning Advisor or refer to the resources on the MyKBS Academic Success Centre page. Click here for this information.

Assessment Marking Guide

CriterionHigh Distinction (85-100)Distinction (75-85)Credit (65-74Pass (50-64)Fail (0-49)
Introduction and Conclusions (6 Marks)The introduction provides a compelling and focused overview of the report. The reader is provided with a clear sense of what is to come in the paper and is actively engaged. The conclusion summarises the key concepts, position, or argument. It is succinct and draws together the main points of the report. Analysis clear and detailed. Both the introduction and conclusion are well-written, with very few grammatical or spelling errorsThe introduction is focused, compelling and exceptionally well-written. The reader is provided with a clear direction about what is to come in the paper, which entices them to read more. The conclusion is convincing and powerfully written, drawing together the key insights of the report. Analysis straightforward and compelling. Smooth flow and transition to the paper with minimal errors.The introduction is solid, clearly written and provides an overview of what is to come in the paper. Some engagement of the reader is likely, but this could be improved. The conclusion includes a summary of the report highlighting some insights and/or critical concepts. Some analysis evident; but could be better developed. Some written and/or grammatical errors.A basic introduction covering the essential information is included. Writing acceptable, but some errors and/or poorly written. Some value added to the paper by the introduction and/or conclusion, but this is limited. There are a number of written English and grammatical errors, which limit the reader’s engagement.No introduction and/or conclusion included, or the information supplied is limited and does not add any significant value to the paper. The engagement of the reader is highly unlikely. Very poorly written.
Self-Awareness (8 Marks)A deep understanding and appreciation of the area of self- awareness apparent, along with an identifiable increase in self-awareness. Specific details provided about how the tools used in class have developed and augmented self-awareness. In-depth insights shared. This section is an exceptionally well-written report – compelling and engaging. Academic sources used skillfully to support and inform the discussion.Clear understanding and connection with the area of self-awareness apparent. An increase in self-awareness noticeable. Clearly explained and detailed discussion of how the in-class tools assisted and developed self-awareness. Insights are apparent. Very well-written, engaging, and compelling. Academic sources used to expand and supplement the discussion.Understanding of the area of self-awareness expressed; could be improved by further discussion/analysis. In-class tools referred to and some connections made to increase self-awareness—some indication of improvement in understanding. Overall, well- written, with a few errors. Academic sources used effectively but could be used better to expand and inform the discussion.Some understanding of self- awareness apparent but minimally developed. Explanation of the in-class EI tools given but could have been better developed. Development of self- awareness unclear or limited. Written English reasonable, with some errors which detract from the flow of the report. Academic sources used sparingly and did not add to the paper or discussion.Limited understanding or effort made to explain self- awareness. Limited or non- existent explanation of the in- class EI tools. Written English poor – to the point where comprehension was difficult or impossible. No academic sources used, or as an exception.
CriterionHigh Distinction (85-100)Distinction (75-85)Credit (65-74Pass (50-64)Fail (0-49)
Self Management (8 Marks)Demonstrated deep and considered understanding of the area of self-management. Detailed information about strategies and approaches. Explanation, reflection and insight into the effectiveness of these tools detailed, in-depth— exceptional and skillful use of academic sources to augment and develop the position taken.The role and importance of self-management in EI articulated effectively. Different strategies/tools detailed and linkages apparent. Personal reflection and growth were evident. Successful use of academic sources included and effectively used to build and develop the discussion.Understanding and appreciation of the role of self- management in EI obvious. An awareness of some of the tools and strategies evident. An apparent effort at analysis and personal reflection included. Some insights included. Academic sources listed but not used to explain or augment the statements made.Some awareness of the concepts of self-management and EI mentioned, but little explanation or exploration. Tools and strategies discussed but limited analysis. Some reflection is apparent. Understanding and appreciation of course work apparent. Some inclusion of academic sources – not well connected to the topic.Little or no explanation or discussion of self-management and its relationship to EI. Personal reflection and or reference to tools or strategies inadequate or non-existent
Future career as a professional (8 Marks)Considered reflection re EI and its implications for professional and career decisions. Academic sources used skillfully to develop, inform and augment the position taken. There are strong and considered links made between EI understanding and areas for development.Thoughtful discussion of the implications of EI and its relevance to effective career and professional decisions. Academic sources effectively used to support the position is taken — linkages apparent between EI understanding and areas for development.A solid discussion re EI and its importance for career and professional decisions. However, it could be more robust. Academic sources included and relevant but could be used more effectively to build and augment the position taken. Linkages included, but minimal development.A general discussion re EI and its relevance to career and professional decisions; connections not well developed. Academic sources used sparingly and/or do not notably support the position taken. Few linkages included and/or underdeveloped.There are few if any details regarding career and professional decisions. An unsatisfactory effort was apparent. No academic references included.