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MBA 761 | Operations Management | Management


MBA 761 Operations Management Management

Assessment Details 
MBA 761 Operations Management Management. You are to select a multinational organization and develop a portfolio of 6,000 words using data from secondary research through the company official web site and relevant literature review including: academic journals, commercial publications from reputable sources. The organization could be manufacturing or service in nature and can also include hospitals, cinemas, mass transit system etc.MBA 761 Operations Management Management. Your portfolio should include academic theories, applications from case and critical discussion supported by references. The contents of the portfolio should address the following:

1. Evaluation of the case organization’s operation strategy and critical analysis of the planning operation. 
2. Analysis of the portfolio of capacity management and critical analysis of corresponding constraints. 
3. Critically discuss any two quality management tools adopted by the company which have positively impacted the company. These tools could include; Lean Operations, Total quality Management, Statistical Process Control, Risk Management, or Project Management. LO2 
4. Critical discussion of strategies adopted by the organization to gain competitive Advantage through innovation in supply chain management. 

MBA 761 Operations Management Management

Instructions for students
a. Appropriate references should be made to key theories and concepts to substantiate your responses. 
b. Plagiarism — It is unethical and unacceptable to pass off someone else’s work, either published or unpublished, as your own. You must make appropriate references and include those references in your bibliography. You must submit all your assignments through Moodie. 
c. Plagiarism free Declaration — Candidates are reminded to fill in and sign off on the Plagiarism free Declaration form upon submission of the assessment brief. 
d. Collusion — It is expected that students submit their own work and do not collude in submitting similar work under different titles, heading or topics etc. in an attempt to by-pass the regulations set on plagiarism. 
e. Standard English — It is expected that your writing will conform to Standard English in terms of spelling, syntax and grammar. 
f. Harvard referencing — Should be used for answering all assessment questions. 

Learning Outcomes: 
On successful completion of this module, the student should be able to: 
1. Evaluate the nature, scope and extent of manufacturing and service operations strategy: 
2. Critically evaluate the use of quality tools and techniques for a wide range of organisational problems; 
3. Solve complex operational problems related to managing capacity and constraints within organisations; 
4. Demonstrate the application of strategies, tools and techniques to improve business operations and appraise and select appropriate methods for managing supply bases for a variety of organisations. 

Core Skills: 
This assignment contributes evidence towards attainment of the following core Operation management skills: 
Approaching Operation management decisions 
Use of Operation Management tools and techniques for a company’s Process efficiency and effectiveness 
Managing demand 
Understanding quality management solutions 

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