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Marketing Leadership Assignment


Research Report of Marketing Leadership Assignment

In Marketing Leadership assessment Student will work through the Collect and Analyse [CA] steps of the CADDIE planning process and demonstrate the understanding of COMP factors.

You are now working at the boutique retail marketing consultancy – as a market researcher.

Shaver Shop was founded in 1986 and grew to have 100 stores before conducting an initial public offering and listing on the Australian Stock Exchange on 1 July 2016. Since then they have had mixed results. The opening of Amazon’s Australian operation may create concerns about the prospects for similar Australian retail businesses. In your report, you need to identify the COMP factors currently at play and those impacting the foreseeable future. This will mostly involve secondary research [i.e. utilising existing information sources, especially their annual report, review reports, ASB statistics, etc] and also involve some degree of assumption where full information is not readily available. Fortunately,
Shaver Shop is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange [ASX] so investor reports and presentations made by the company may provide a rich source of data.


The consultancy has been commissioned to produce a report which involves analysing the situational factors related to the recently listed retail business Shaver Shop.

The report will cover the COMP factors for Shaver Shop:

Customer- including primary and secondary targets markets
Organisation- the company’s current competencies and deficiencies
Market- the market conditions including key competitors
Product- the current ‘Total Product’ offering made by Shaver Shop both online and in store

A SWOT matrix [strengths weaknesses, opportunities and threats] will then be developed and included in the conclusions section of the report

Format: The submitted report should be Microsoft Word document 2000 words in length (excluding references, table of contents page, cover page and appendices). 12-point Arial or Times Roman Numeral font, 1.25 spacing.
The report must be appropriately referenced and may include photographs, tables, diagrams, illustrations.

*Note: Focus more on COMP and SWOT