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MAN306 Business Strategy


Assessment 1: Tobacco industry analysis

Description/Focus:  Written assignment: Market analysis.
Value:  30 %
Due date:  Sunday, Week 6
Length:   2500 Words (+10% MAX)
Task:  For this assignment you will provide a concise, but comprehensive strategic analysis of the contemporary marketing environment of the global tobacco industry. This description will focus on the key dimensions that have shaped the strategies of multinational tobacco companies. This analysis, along with the application of strategic planning tools covered in the unit, will enable you to describe and explain the contemporary business strategies of a key industry player, or players.
Preparation: NB. You must pay close attention to the in-class and online discussions, as well as the unit text, when preparing your assignment. During the unit you will be directed as to the key themes and information to include. You will also be guided with regard to some specific readings and models that you should include in your assignment.
Presentation:       Please keep to the word count and follow the assignment instructions closely, using the same headings. (Do not include an Executive Summary).    Please indicate the number of words written in each section, as well as the total word count at the end.   You may attach appendices to provide context to your assignment, but please note that appendices do not contribute to the marks.   Please use a recognized journal style referencing format such as Harvard or APA. Be sure to consult the assignment rubric and detailed instructions in the Learnline assessment folder for more details.   NB. Please submit a Microsoft Word document and not a pdf.  
Assessment criteria:  This assignment involves providing a comprehensive industry overview and interpreting marketing strategy. It is important to approach the task using the principles and themes discussed in class during the unit.
Plagiarism:  Avoid plagiarism and do not be tempted to use assignment web sites. CDU assignment software and processes will catch anyone guilty of this and will result in a mark of zero.


Big tobacco

The tobacco industry provides a fascinating focus for studying business strategy. Its marketing environment is highly dynamic and this, in conjunction with Increasing regulation, has resulted in tobacco manufacturers developing some of the most sophisticated marketing strategies and activities.

MAN306 Business strategy

Specific assignment tasks

In the early weeks of this unit you are introduced to strategic market analysis and strategy  development. By applying this knowledge you will be able to complete the following assignment sections:

Introduction (approx. 150 words)

  • Introduce your assignment and include a brief description of strategic market analysis, highlighting its relevance to effective strategy development and long-term success.

Strategic market analysis (approx. 1000 words)

  • Identify and describe the dimensions of the marketing environment and considerations that have shaped the strategies of the global tobacco manufacturers

Evaluation of tobacco industry marketing strategies (approx. 1200 words)

  • Using the themes, discussion and models from the unit identify and evaluate the strategies of contemporary global tobacco companies.

Conclusion (approx. 150 words)

  • Reiterate the importance of effective strategy development. Explain its relevance to marketing planning.

Assessment format MAN306

To successfully complete this assignment, you should prepare a report that:

  • Is a Microsoft Word document and not a pdf.
  • Includes:
    • Title:  “as per the assignment heading on page 1”
    • Student name(s) and ID number(s)
    • Unit title and code
    • Tutor name
    • Date
  • Is well written and properly spell-checked and proof read.
  • Follows the assignment instructions closely and uses the same headings. (
  • Indicates the number of words written in each section, as well as the total word count.
  • Uses a recognized business journal style of referencing format such as Harvard or APA.
  • Is 2500 words long (excluding figures, appendices, bibliography – please note that appendices do not contribute to the marks). There is a considerable amount to cover, so it will be important that you write clearly and concisely.

Submission & mark allocation

The assignment must be submitted on time via Learnline.

% allocation of marks for this assignment is as follows:

Introduction 5
Strategic market analysis 30
Tobacco industry marketing strategies 40
Conclusion 5
Effective referencing and citation, and evidence of adequate literature search 10
Report structure / presentation 10
Total 100

(See Learnline for further details of assessment submission and marking procedures / policy).

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