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Macroeconomics Assessment 3 T1 2021 RMIT


Please read through all of these instructions carefully for information on how to complete your assignment. Support resources are provided at the end of this guide for you too.

Task overview

• Assignment 3 is based mainly on Part C of the course (Policy Toolkit), while still building on the knowledge and skills that you have acquired throughout the entire course.
• This assignment will consist of a set of tasks that reflect the type of work that you will be expected to deliver in a professional role. The core part of the assignment asks you to prepare material for a Policy Brief. The focus of this task will be on using your knowledge of the economy and economic policy mechanisms to describe and assess existing government policy and to formulate policy recommendations to address the challenges facing the economy in the future.
• The assignment also contains three other short tasks that provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your broader appreciation of the contribution of economists in society and your awareness of the skills and capabilities that you have developed throughout this course.

Assignment submission information

• Marks: 50%
• Linked Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs): 3, 5, 6
• Due date: Sunday 13 June 2021 (end of Week 14) You will be required to submit your assignment by 11:59pm AEST on this date.
• Individual task: This is an individual task. You do not need to form groups for this assignment.
• Please label your assignment file as: Assignment3_Surname_Givenname_TutNumber eg. Assignment3_Georgieva_Kristalina_Tut15
• You only need to submit one document for this assignment. Use should use the template document provided. You can save your final document either as a Word or PDF file.


• The assignment is an opportunity for you to demonstrate to us that you have been participating in the course – that you have been following the lectures, doing the tutorial activities, participating in the tutorial discussions, and reading/listening to the lecture and tutorial materials.
• This is not a research assignment. You do not need to do further research to complete this assignment – it is all based on the concepts and content that we have covered in class.
• You can make reference to any of the material that we refer to in our lectures and tutorials and the readings and other resources that have been provided to you as part of your learning materials. Wherever possible, try
to express your answers in your own wording, rather than directly copying and pasting the course material. This will prove to us that you genuinely understand these concepts.
• There is only one part of the assignment (Task 2) where you might find it helpful to do some online research to find out more about the topic that you are inspired to learn more about, and identify a real world economist who you could learn more about this topic from (and hypothetically interview!) For this particular task, you should reference any external sources that you gather information from.
• To give you a guide of the expected length of your answers, you will see that each question is accompanied by a suggested indication of how many sentences you should write for each answer.


• The most important piece of advice we can offer you here is to check that you complete all parts of each task in the assignment. These assignment tasks contain multiple parts and some of them involve several steps. Read all of the instructions of each question very carefully to make sure that
you don’t accidentally overlook any parts!
• After you have written your answers, you can choose to delete the text of the questions and instructions the template document if you prefer, but be sure to retain the headings and question numbers. When we do the TurnItIn similarity score check, we will take account of the fact that
students are using the same template.
• Remember this assignment is a chance for you to show to us what you have learnt in this class. this as an opportunity to prove to us that you have been following the course material and understand it. If you have been carefully paying attention in lecture and regularly doing your tutorial activities, this equips you to do well on this assignment.

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