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Low income economy assignment help


Research Plan (Poster) Date % SILOs Assessed Essentials Assessed
Research plan (500 words or one page) 12pm April 26th   10 4 (ii) & (iii)
The research plan is aimed at providing feedback on the planning and structure of the major assignment. The plan is a one page poster of the structure, components, data and references to be included in the major assignment. The poster will be submitted to a link provided on LMS. Feedback will be provided by the class facilitator during the tutorial and be formalised in a marking grid (available on LMS prior to the due date). The poster will: present the main ideas and structure of the report (major assignment) and can be in a variety of forms such as an A3 or A4 page and include statistics, pictures or a flowchart of the structure of the report.include a title and short summary of report.be properly referenced (preferably using the Harvard style) .   Students will be assessed on: the clarity of the poster plan and the ability to summarise complex problems to a wide audience.the use of economic and other qualitative data to inform the trend of economic development compared to other countries or regions   An example of a poster will be provided to students on LMS.  

Major assignment
Date % SILOs Assessed Essentials Assessed
Major assignment (word limit 2,000) 5pm May 31st 40 1, 2 ,3, 4 & 5 (i), (ii) & (iv)
Exam Details and Instructions
Students are to choose a low income economy (LIC) as classified by the World Bank and write a report on the evolution of economic development observed in that country since 1980 (see lecture slides / LMS for classification of countries). This will include statistics on economic growth; the change in per capita income levels, population, and other relevant statistics that characterise the level of development attained from 1980 to the present. The report will also analyse the key reason(s) why the country has performed the way it has over the past two and half decades. This should include reference to the economic theories that are covered in the course. The report should demonstrate your ability to: Define economic development and how socio-cultural, political, historical and economic values inform our notion of this.Research and gather the key economic statistics that characterise the economic development of the country chosen (e.g. income per capita and the Human Development Index).Highlight how this compares with other countries.Organise these statistics in a concise way (e.g. with a table).Demonstrate a capacity to use economic principles in the analysis of explain why the selected economy has performed the way it has (reflecting on how these principles fit within a broader global context).Plan and structure the report so that ideas\concepts are logically linked together. Demonstrate precise use of language.   More details about the structure and contents of the report will be provided on LMS and discuss in class and individually with students.  
Submission Details
The assignment is to be submitted to the Turnitin assignment box, which can be accessed through LMS. The due date is 5pm May 31st. It is suggested that students submit the assignment in ‘revision mode’ in order to check for plagiarism before final submission.   Please note that late submissions without special consideration approval will incur a 2-mark PER DAY penalty.  

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