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Online Tests and Quizzes

Holmes Institute is among the pioneer educational institute in Australia and offering high quality education for various educational discipline. Holmes college is home for accounting (MPA), business administration (MBA) and many other courses and adopt high number of educational aspirants from worldwide every year. In order to assess the student performance in academic domain there are several assessment criteria’s designed such as Assignments, online tests/quizzes and final exam. Online tests/quizzes form a major part of the evaluation process by Holmes College. Students are asked to complete their online test within given time frame of 1 hr and window for test is opened for 24 hr. Student can login to Holmes Blackboard through their username and passwords and by selecting their courses they can opt for online quizzes and tests. Punjab Assignment help provide assistance to students in order to accomplish their online tests and quizzes or various subjects such as HI5002 Finance for Business, HI5020 Corporate accounting, HI5017 managerial accounting, HI6007 Statistics for Business and many more.

Holmes Assignment help

Online Test HI5020 Corporate Accounting

Online test for HI5020 Corporate accounting would be opened for students from 8th May 9Am to 9th May 9Am. Students can opt for Corporate accounting test by going to Holmes Blackboard portal and can start their test. Once started the test has to be accomplished within one go and below are some of the rules of the tests:

  1. Test would be available on the given dates only
  2. Students would have to login to Holmes Blackboard portal through their username and password to give tests
  3. There would be multiple choice questions and students would have to choose from the given options
  4. There can be multiple answers to the questions depending on particular question
  5. Once started the test has to be completed in one go and students can’t opt out in between
  6. Students are not allowed to click back or refresh the page and doing so would close their test and they would be marked zero
  7. In case of the internet or any other technical glitch take the snapshot and report to their class teacher or admin so that they can re-arrange the test

Assignments/Online tests and quizzes and perdisco/MYOB

Punjab Assignment help has helped several students in order to accomplish their study and attained high marks for their online tests/quizzes and assignments and even in their perdisco/myob practice set. Our experts help students in order to provide hassle free help so that students can accomplish their assignments and online tests on time for various subjects. Our Assignment Help, online tests or quizzes and Perdisco help is offered for Holmes Institute for below subjects mainly:

  1. HC2101 Performance management
  2. HI5015 Legal aspects of international trade and enterprise
  3. HI6006 Competitive strategy
  4. HC2022 Market research
  5. HC1082 Marketing Assignment
  6. HI5020 Corporate accounting
  7. HI5017 Managerial accounting
  8. HC2112 Services marketing
  9. HI6027 Business and corporate law
  10. HC2091 Business Finance
  11. HI6008 Business research
  12. HC3152 E-business application
  13. HS2031 Human computer interaction
  14. HC1062 Decision making and problem solving
  15. HI6007 Statistics for business decision making
  16. HC1010 Accounting for business
  17. HI5002 Finance for business
  18. HI6025 Accounting theory and current issues
  19. Hi6028 Taxation theory, practice and law
  20. HI6026 Audit, assurance and compliance
  21. HA1011 Applied quantitative methods
  22. HC1041 Information technology for business
  23. HC1011 Data communication for networks
  24. HC2051 Web applications development
  25. HC2121 Comparative business ethics and social responsibility
  26. HI5019 Strategic information system

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