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Holmes College Tutorial Solution

Holmes College has unique assessment pattern for students and include assignments, online quiz, tutorials and online exam as well. All these assessment patterns are developed so as to understand overall student understanding through online lectures offered to the students. In the current assessment pattern of the Holmes College, 50% of the overall subject weightage has been given to tutorial assignment. Tutorial assignments for Holmes College are based on the week 2 to 11 learning material offered by the college through online lectures.

Holmes College Tutorial
Holmes College Tutorial

Holmes Tutorial Assignment Price List

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  • HI6027 Business and Corporate Law Tutorial Assignment: This tutorial holds 50% of the overall marks for the given subject. There are in total 6 questions included in this tutorial which are from week 2 to week 11 tutorial questions provided at the holmes Blackboard. But this tutorial assignment for just $80 AUD.
  • HI6007 Statistics for Business Decision Tutorial Assignment: Statistics for Business decision tutorial assignment holds 50% of the marks allotted for the subject. Students can buy this tutorial for $70 AUD. For more details for this tutorial check HI6007 Statistics for Business Decision Tutorial
  • HI6006 Competitive Strategy Tutorial Assignment: Students can get assignment help for HI6006 Competitive Strategy Tutorial assignment to secure 50% of their subject marks for just $60 AUD. For more details check on the HI6006 Competitive strategy Tutorial Assignment
  • HI6005 MOG Tutorial Assignment: HI6005 MOG Tutorial Assignment contains 6 questions selected through week 2 to week 11 material questions provided at blackboard. Check HI6005 MOG Tutorial Assignment Solution
  • HI5020 Corporate Accounting Tutorial Solution: Get Assignment writing services for HI5020 Corporate Accounting Tutorial with us for just $80 AUD. Check HI5020 Corporate Accounting Tutorial Assignment solution.
  • HI5016 International Trade: Get this assignment with less than 3000 words for just $100 AUD with our experts for tutorial writing. Check Hi5016 International Trade Tutorial solution.

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