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Looking for Holmes T3 2020 Tutorials


Are you looking for Holmes College Tutorial assignments for T3 2020?

Holmes College offers tutorial assignments which are having weight age of 50% in the entire course. In T3 2020 also students have been given various subjects tutorials to complete. These tutorials are being done based on the interactive class tutorials given on the holmes blackboard. Tutorial assignments are required to be handled carefully to ensure there is no plagiarism, made as per tutorial material and submitted as per the deadline of the college.

Holmes Tutorial Assignment help

Need help for HI5020 Corporate Accounting Tutorial T3 2020?

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Do you need help with the tutorial assignment of HI5020 Corporate Accounting for Holmes College. If yes, then you are at the right page and we offer best and quality solution for HI5020 Corporate accounting subject. Our experts have long vintage of more than 8+ years in writing tutorial assignments for Holmes Institute. Some of the key questions for the HI5020 corporate accounting tutorial are as under

Question 1 Week 1 (7 marks)
In accounting for the acquisition of assets, the assets acquired are to be recorded at the ‘cost of acquisition’. How would you determine the ‘costs of acquisition’ of an asset?
Question 2 Week 4 (7 marks)
How are changes in accounting policies accounted for and disclosed?
Question 3 Week 5 (7 marks)
Following information relate to Hawke Ltd for the financial year ended 2020 Hawke Ltd Statement of Financial position

Question 4 Week 6 (7 marks)
On 1 July 2017, Bright Star Ltd was incorporated. The accounting profit and other relevant information of Bright Star for the two years to 2019 are as follows:

Question 5 Week 12 (11 marks)
On January 1, 20X1, Popular Creek Corporation organized RoadTime Company as a subsidiary in Switzerland with an initial investment cost of Swiss francs (SFr) 60,000. RoadTime’s December 31, 20X1, Trial balance in SFr is as follows

Question 6 Week 8 (11 marks)
(a) Zealandia ltd is the parent company holding 90 percent interest in the Oceania ltd. For each of the following independent cases, provide adjusting entries necessary to eliminate the effect of intragroup transaction at 30
June 2020:

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Question 1 – Week 3 (11 marks)
Ola Ltd, which uses a job costing system, had two jobs in process at the start of the year: Job L1 ($68,000) and Job L2 ($30 000). The following information is available:

Question 2 – Week 4 (7 marks)
Dream Limited manufactures ice cream. The company employs a process costing system for its manufacturing operations. All direct materials are added at the beginning of the process and conversion costs are incurred uniformly throughout the process.

Question 3 Week 5 (7 marks)
North-South Pole Company produces two products, a jacket suitable for adventure-seeking people (Spirit) and a jacket for less-adventurous people (Companion).

Question 4 – Week 8 (7 marks)
Wattle Limited has two divisions: Industry and Consumer. The Industry Division transfers partially completed components to the Consumer Division at a predetermined transfer price.

Question 5 – Week 10 (11 marks)
You are the chief financial analyst of Hercules Manufacturing Limited. The company manufactures bowls and has been planning to aggressively expand its sales into the Middle Eastern markets. You have been tasked to analyse its reports using CVP and provide explanations to the Director, Tierra Muller.

Question 6 – Week 11 (7 marks)
Heath Production manufactures chairs. Several weeks ago, the company received an enquiry from Rose Limited. Rose wants to market a foldable chair similar to one of Heath’s, and has offered to purchase 11 000 units if the offer can be completed in three months.

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Get Assignment help services for HI6006 Competitive Strategy tutorial assignment with quality work and plagiarism free content. Our experts can produce quality work as per tutorial material provided by the teacher at holmes blackboard. Some of the key questions for the HI6006 Competitive Strategy tutorial is as under

Question 1- Week 2
Global and socio-cultural elements of the general environment are significant to the future of Starbucks’ retail coffee and snacks store industry. Discuss how and why they are significant. – (7 marks)
Question 2.- Week 6
Describe Googles’ level of diversification strategies. – (7 marks)
Question 3. – Week 7
What has been the rationale for LVMH acquisitions? – (7 marks)
Question 4. – Week 9
Discuss effective approaches that Samsung Electric can implement to gain and manage a successful strategic alliance. – (7 marks)
Question 5. – Week 5
Identify the competitive behavior responses of Zara to build or defend its competitive advantages and to improve its market position. – (11 marks)

Question 6. – Week 11
The current CEO of QANTAS Alan Joyce is considered a strategic leader. Identify, and discuss the actions and characteristics of effective leadership. – (11 marks)

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Question 1 Week 3: Tutorial 2 (Question 3) (7 marks)
What are the downsides, if any, of building a diverse workforce? Answer this question in 300 words (support your arguments with key research findings on diversity management).
Question 2 Week 4: Tutorial 3 (Question 3) (7 marks)
What could the individual employees do to help manage their own stress more effectively? Answer this question in 300 words (support your claims/arguments with key research findings on managing stress in the workplace: individual).

Question 3 Week 6: Tutorial 5 (Question 3 & 4) (11 marks)
What are the essentials for team-based organisational success? What are the challenges of a team based organisation, specifically in terms of virtual teams? What are the required competencies for virtual leadership? Answer this question in 300 words (support your claims/arguments with key research findings on team-based organisation challenges and success).
Question 4 Week 8: Tutorial 7 (Question 3) (11 marks)
Explain the various things you can do to improve your effectiveness as a communicator in organisations. Answer this question in 300 words (support your claims/arguments with key research findings on effective communicators in organisations)

Question 5 Week 9: Tutorial 8 (Question 2) (7 marks)
Describe the major types of individual power in organisations. Answer this question in 300 words (support your claims/arguments with key research findings on organisational politics and power).

Question 6 Week 10: Tutorial 9 (Question 2) (7 marks)
Distinguish between mechanistic organisations and organic organisations, as described by thecontingency approach to organisational design (support your claims/arguments with key research findings on contingency approach to differentiate mechanistic organisations and organic organisations)

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Are you wondering for HI5013 Managing across border Tutorial assignment for Holmes College? We offer quality and plagiarism free solution for HI5013 Managing across border tutorial assignment. Get this assignment for just $70 AUD now. Here are some key questions:

Question 1 (7 marks)
(Note this question is based on the Week 7 Tutorial content)
You are the recently appointed expatriate manager of a subsidiary of a large multi-national enterprise, located in a developing country in Africa

Question 2 (7 marks)
(Note this question is based on the Week 8 Tutorial content)
You are currently employed as a manager in the head office of a Western fast-food chain multi-national enterprise, which is looking to expand into new markets in developing countries and take market share away from the competitors

Question 3 (7 marks)
(Note this question is based on the Week 9 Tutorial content)
You are working as a management consultant to a large Australian multi-national enterprise in the pharmaceutical industry.

Question 4 (7 marks)
(Note this question is based on the Week 10 Tutorial content)
At a recent board meeting, the directors expressed their concerns over the company’s current organisational structure. It was described as “not being fit for purpose”.

Question 5 (11 marks)

(Note this question is based on the Week 11 Tutorial content)

As a newly appointed Human Resources Director of a large multi-national enterprise, you have been asked to prepare a new human resources management (HRM) policy for the whole organisation.

Question 6 (11 marks)

(Note this question is based on the Week 12 Tutorial content)
As the expatriate sales manager of a local subsidiary of a western multi-national enterprise, located in Southeast Asia, you have just been given some disappointing news.

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Punjab Assignment help offers excellent quality tutorial assignment for the subject named HI5019 Strategic Information system at discounted prices. Some of the key questions for this subject are as under

Question 1: Week 2, 5 and 7. [7 Marks]
[Words Limit: Up to 300 words.]
ABC Limited is a manufacturing firm with a workforce of more than 100 employees. Mr Peter has recently joined the firm as the account payable clerk.

Question 2: Week 2 and 4. [11 Marks]
[Words Limit: Up to 500 words.]
XYZ Limited is a clothing wholesaler that sells the name-brand clothing to department stores and boutique dress shops.

Question 3: Week 2, 3 and 4. [7 Marks]
[Words Limit: Up to 400 words.]
a) During the Week 2 Interactive Tutorials, we discussed the role of an active board of ‘directors’ audit committee from different aspects.

Question 4: Week 9 and 10. [7 Marks]
[Words Limit: Up to 300 words.]
After finishing your accounting degree, you joined an accounting firm. This is a medium-size accounting firm with a reasonable range of clients.

Question 5: Week 5 and 6. [11 Marks]
[Words Limit: Up to 500 words.]
Part (a).
The flowchart on Page No 7 illustrates the business activities of four departments, including (1) Production Planning and Control, (2) Work Centres, (3) Inventory Control, and (4) Cost Accounting.

Question 6: Week 12. [7 Marks]
[Words Limit: Up to 350 words.]
After finishing Bachelor of Commerce, Miss Emma completed her Master of Computer Sciences (MCS) and started her career as a network engineer in XYZ Limited, Melbourne.

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Question 1 (11 marks)
(This question is from the Week 4 Tutorial)

  1. Your manager asked you to evaluate an investment opportunity. Select and explain two (2) investment criteria you will use to make a decision as to whether to accept or reject the opportunity

Question 2 (11 marks)
(This question is from the Week 3 and Week 4 Tutorials)
Alice has $5 000 now. She wants to save $25 000 to buy her first car. She decides to put that $5 000 in an investment fund that pays an interest rate of 10% per annum (per year), compounding annually

Question 3 (7 marks)
(This question is from the Week 7 and Week 8 Tutorials) MLC Fund Management is considering the following three (3) options for their new
investment portfolio:

Question 4 (7 marks)
(This question is from the Week 9 Tutorial)
Marcus has an investment portfolio that paid the rate of return of 24.75%, -11%, – 30%, 19%, 15.5%, 12% and 20% over the last seven (7) years

Question 5 (7 marks)
(This question is from the Week 10 Tutorial)
Osborne Construction currently has the following capital structure:
Debt: $20,500,000 paying 9.5% coupon bonds outstanding with 15 years to maturity, an annual before-tax yield to maturity of 8% on a new issue. The bonds currently sell for $1,125 per $1,000 face value.

Question 6 (7 marks)
(This question is from the Week 11 Tutorial)
The following data is available for Quick Serve Trading Ltd.

Looking for HC1021 Interpersonal and E-Communication Tutorial?

HC1021 Interpersonal and e-communication tutorial assignment carries 50 marks and counts for 50% weightage of entire subject. Punjab Assignment help expert can make quality assignment for HC1021 Interpersonal and e-communication tutorial with free of plagiarism and quality work as per tutorial material shared. Here are few questions for the HC1021 Interpersonal and e-communication tutorial assignment:

Question 1: (200-250 Words)
a) How has technology impacted business communication and briefly explain how its effects can be minimized. Provide two examples to support your answer.

Question 2: (200-250 Words)
a) How would you express yourself with non-verbal communication modes, which can either improve or impact the spoken word

Question 3: (200-250 Words)
a) You have been assigned the responsibility of managing your company’s social media communications.

Question 4: (200-250 Words)
Selecting an appropriate communication channel and media for your business is important to the overall effectiveness of the delivery of a message.

Question 5: (350-450 Words)
Delivering bad news is hard especially when you do not agree with the decision you are communicating.

Question 6: (350-450 Words)
a) Describe any five (5) graphic types and include the appropriate objective for the use of each.

Need help for HA3011 Advanced Financial Accounting Tutorial Assignment?

Get HC3011 Advanced financial accounting tutorial assignment which counts for 50% of the marks for this subject. Get tutorial assignment help services for HA3011 Advanced financial accounting tutorial assignment now with discounted prices. Some of the key questions for this subject are as under:

Question 1 (7 marks)
(This question is from week 5 Tutorial)
MAP Ltd acquired a Machine from FAT Ltd for the following consideration:
o Cash $65 000, o Land in the books of MAP Ltd the land is recorded at its cost of $750 000. It has a fair value of $700 000.

Question 2 (7 marks)
(This question is from week 7 Tutorial)
An item of depreciable machinery is acquired on 1st July, 2016 for $270 000. It is expected to have a useful life of 10 years and a zero-residual value (straight-line).

Question 3 (7 marks)
(This question is from the Week 8 Tutorial)
BDX company issues $ 15 million of five-year, 6.5 per cent, semi-annual coupon debentures to public which pay interest each six months.

Question 4 (11 marks)
(This question is from the Week 9 Tutorial)
Fred Ltd acquired an item of equipment and enters into a non-cancellable lease agreement with Melbourne Equipment Ltd on the 1st January, 2015

Question 5 (11 marks)
(This question is from the Week 10 Tutorial)
You are provided with the following information from the accounts of KPM Ltd for the year ending 30th June, 2019, as shown in the table below

Question 6 (7 marks)
(This question is from the Week 12 Tutorial)
On 5th June, 2018 Sydney Ltd acquires goods on credit from a supplier in London. The goods are shipped FOB London on 5th June, 2018.

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Question 1 – Week 4 Tutorial (7 marks)
Use the following data provided in the table below to calculate the correlation “r” between the price of a product ($) and the quantity of the product purchased per week.

Question 2 – Week 6 Tutorial (7 marks)
A survey of 800 Sydney residents resulted in the following cross tabulation regarding their major form of transport to work and whether or not they find public transport convenient

Question 3 – Week 7 Tutorial (7 marks)
In a statistics class, a student tosses a biased coin which produces heads only 40% of the time six (6) times.

Question 4 – Week 8 Tutorial (7 marks)
The unit coordinator wants to establish the number of hours students spend studying course materials on a weekly basis

Question 5 – Week 10 Tutorial (11 marks)
Suppose we know the standard deviation of a certain population is 8. A sample size of 64 has a mean of 85.

Question 6 – Week 11 Tutorial (11 marks)
A sample of 25 items produced a mean of 46. Assume that the population standard deviation is 6. Test to determine if we can infer at α = 0.05 that the population mean is less than 50 using the following steps