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Looking for help with HI6025 Accounting theory tutorial


HI6025 Accounting theory and current issues Tutorial T1 2021

Overview of HI6025 Accounting Theory and Practices Tutorial

The conceptual framework of accounting that is provided by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), an independent entity that works to outline and establish the key objectives of financial reporting by businesses, both public and private. Further, accounting theory can be thought of as the logical reasoning that helps evaluate and guide accounting practices. Accounting theory, as regulatory standards evolve, also helps develop new accounting practices and procedures. Accounting theory requires that all accounting and financial professionals operate under four assumptions. The first assumption states that a business is a separate entity from its owners or creditors. The second affirms the belief that a company will continue to exist and not go bankrupt. The third assumes that all financial statements are prepared with dollar amounts and not with other numbers like units of production. Finally, all financial statements must be prepared on a monthly or annual basis for analysis. 

HI6025 Accounting theory tutorial

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