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List of topics for HI5004 Marketing Management


Top 10 List of future topics – HI5004 Marketing Management !!

Recently T3 2020 enrollments have been started for Holmes Institute Australia. Students have enrolled in different courses as per their choice of subject. HI5004 marketing management is one of the favorite subjects for the students and large number of students enroll for this subject every year. As part of the assessment for HI5004, Group assignment has been given to the students which is divided into three parts which are as under

Long marketing Plan project

  1. Topic Approval 5%
  2. Blackboard tools 10%
  3. Group report 25%

Students needs an innovative product or service which is non existing in the market as on date. Based on the selection of product or service final assignment would be made for this subject.

HI5004 Marketing Management
HI5004 Marketing Management

Top 10 list of innovative products/Services

  1. Personal robots to act as class teacher so as to teach students at their home
  2. Stress measuring machines which can advise work activities to keep people healthy and fit to deal with current age stress
  3. Surgical robots to performs surgery without human intervention
  4. Home automation system to connect all electronic devices through internet and control all devices through single system
  5. Smart devices to deploy within human body to know about a person health accurately
  6. To make smart clothes wherein clothes would have chip and can provide diverse range of information to safeguard body
  7. Robots with AI capability to deploy at retail counter to avoid human interaction
  8. Corporate audits through Artificial intelligence to avoid mistakes and manipulations
  9. Video tattoos on the body through thin plastic membrane
  10. People marrying robotic partners

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