HI6006 Competitive Strategy
March 18, 2018
HI6006 Competitive Strategy
March 20, 2018


HI6006 Competitive Strategy




Journal Entry. The Journal function in Interact2 must be used. External journal sites are not permitted. If your country geo-blocks the Interact2 website or your circumstance prevents you from accessing the Internet (eg. due to a disability or if you are in a correctional centre), please contact your lecturer immediately. If it is an office/organisation firewall preventing access, you must find an alternative Internet access point to complete this task.

Assessment 2 is the report preparation process. Assessment 3 is the final report submission. Assessment 2 and 3 are linked but have different due dates.

In this assessment, you will report on the following items in Interact2 Journal. Kindly refer to the sample report in Interact2 (which is on another topic) if you need guidance.
It is advised that you write in the Interact2 journal itself rather than a word processor. This is to prevent errors in formatting or missed out sections when copying and pasting.
Please do not submit an attached document (eg. DOCX, DOC, PDF, etc) to the journal entry.

Question 1:

Select any ONE of the topics you would like to write about from the list below.
a. Non-Fossil Fuel Transportation
b. Ride Sharing Services
c. Addiction to Computer Games
d. Anti-Vaccination Movement

Question 2:

Write in point form – what you would like to cover for the topic you have chosen.

Question 3:

Review what you have written in question 1, and narrow down your title.

Question 4:

Research three journal articles in the CSU Database related to your topic. This is located in the CSU Library website. Journal articles must not be older than three years old.
Enter the references of these three journal articles here, in APA 6th edition format. This is the standard format for most CSU subjects. You will use the contents of these journals to write your structured report.

Question 5:

Research three other articles (magazines, newspaper, reports, etc) related to your topic. You may find them in the CSU Database or Google. Articles must not be older than three years old.
Enter the references of these three other articles here, in APA 6th edition format. You will use the contents of these articles to write your structured report.

Question 6:

After completing the first five questions, comment briefly what you have discovered about the topic you picked.

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