HI6006 Competitive Strategy
February 20, 2018
HI6006 Competitive Strategy
February 20, 2018


HI6006 Competitive Strategy


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  1. Clearly state which e-commerce business model you have For each chosen website report the business name, the homepage URL, and include a screenshot of the homepage (as an appendix).
  2. For each chosen website, in one or two paragraphs, explain why the website belongs to that particular e-commerce business
  3. For each chosen website, in one or two paragraphs, identify what you think is/are the principal business goal(s) of the
  4. For each website, consider the following attributes and assess them on the following five-point semantic differential scale and, for each attribute, briefly explain why you give that rating:


1 2 3 4 5
Very Poor Poor Inapplicable Good Very Good


    1. How well does the website URL relate to the business name?
    2. How easily is the website found using general internet search engines (e.g. Google, Ask, AltaVista, Bing, Yahoo!)?
    3. Does the website give me all the organisational information a user could reasonably require?
    4. Are requirements to provide a user’s (personal or sensitive) information appropriate?
    5. How well does the website reassure users about the security and use of their information?
    6. How well does the website foster user trust in the organisation?
    7. How well does the website address legal issues associated with use of the website or engagement in transactions?
    8. How well does the website provide for the accessibility needs of users?
    9. How well does the website address the language or cultural needs of users?
    10. Does the website contain all the product information that a user could reasonably require?
    11. Does the website allow all the customisation (user-managed features) that a user could reasonably expect?
    12. How well does the website personalise the experience for users?
    13. Does the website identify sufficient channels for user service/support?
    14. How easy is it to find any information on the website about the organisation, their products or services?
    15. How easy is the information on the website to read (i.e. is provided information in appropriate language and with sufficient detail for most users)?
    16. Is the website easy to navigate (i.e. move through the website to find information, products, or services, and engage in transactions with the organisation)?
    17. How appropriate are the website aesthetics (e.g. use of layout, colours, imagery, fonts, etc) for the target audience?
    18. How well does the website foster community among users?
    19. How quickly does the website load into your browser and do all website features, links and embedded objects (e.g. media files or applets) work as intended?
    20. How well does the website support different web-browsers or platforms (e.g. mobile devices)?
    21. Does the website provide a sufficient range of payment options as could be reasonably expected?
    22. Does the website provide a sufficient range of delivery options as could be reasonably expected?
  1. Compare and contrast your chosen websites: which website is more likely to be successful than the other, and why?


Please refer to the General guide for the presentation of academic work, available electronically on the universities website. URL: Present your evaluation in a business or management style report, as outlined in the guide.


Please submit an ELECTRONIC copy only via Moodle.

Include the final page of the specification – ‘Assessment Feedback’ – as the final page of your submission document, to enable feedback to be added to the submission file.

Submit a single Microsoft Word document (i.e. .doc or .docx formats) with the required screenshots included as appendices.

Name the submission file according to the following: ‘ITECH 3301_yourSurname_yourStudentID_assign1.doc’

Please refer to the “Course Description” for information regarding late assignments, extensions, special consideration, and plagiarism. A reminder all academic regulations can be accessed via the university’s website.

Assessment Criteria

Students work will be assessed upon:

  • good evidence of completion of all tasks including critical analysis of required website attributes, five-point semantic differential evaluation and accompanying outline and
  • an accurate business report including elements, such as table of contents, executive summary , evidence of quality written expression including good grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence construction etc, reports should adhere to the university style guide including formatting, layout and structure, and should not exceed word limit of 1200 words
  • evidence of formatted bibliography and in-text references which comply with the APA style guide, a quality piece of work will provide a range of references for example books, journals, reputable websites, podcasts, etc, in-text references should be used in such a way as to provide support for the work

Assessment Feedback

e-Business Website Evaluation


Marking Criteria


Available Marks

Marks Awarded
Task 1 (all expected details included – screenshots included as appendix) 1 mark total = 0.5 marks each website  
Task 2 (clear assignment of model with reasoning) 4 marks total = 2 marks each website  
Task 3 (focused on business goal(s)) 4 marks total = 2 marks each website  

Task 4 (a reasoned response for each criteria)

0.25 marks each factor = 5.5 marks


Task 5 (clear reasoned argument backed by evidence derived from website evaluations) 3 marks total  
Document qualities:

Title Page (including assignment and student details)

Table of Contents (not typed into document – use reference tools) Appropriate use of headings (use style tools)

Correct spelling and grammar (appropriate for business report) Reference List and in-text Citations

2.5 marks total =

0.25 marks

0.25 marks

0.5 marks 1 mark

0.5 mark

Total Mark 20 marks /20
Total Worth                               [10% of total assessment] 10 marks /10





Marked by



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