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ISYS 1028 Global Business and Social Technologies


ISYS 1028 Global Business and Social Technologies-Assignment Help

Assessment 1 Part 2: Individual Assessment

Please read this assignment specification very carefully. It outlines what you need to do, what you need to submit and how your submission will be assessed.

Assessment Overview

This is an individual assessment. This is a continuation of your Assessment 1 Part 1. As part of this assessment, you continue to work on the company that you chose in your Assessment 1 Part 1.

This assessment worth 30% of your marks.

Assessment Due Dates

Part Two: Social Media Strategy Proposal – Friday 11.59pm 17th September 2021

ISYS 1028 Global Business and Social Technologies
ISYS 1028 Global Business and Social Technologies


Word limit: 2000 words (minimum)

This assignment aims to give you commercially viable skills for your future career.

In this assignment you will investigate, analyse, and evaluate the social and digital media of the company you selected previously.

Based on what you have discovered in your previous analyses you will propose a new social media strategy to either increase sales, improve customer engagement, enhance brand reputation, accelerate innovation or any strategy that you expect to execute.

These are the key sections that you need to include in your assignment:

  1. Introduction – an introduction to the company you selected, describe the opportunity/challenge you have identified, describe your target audience.
  2. The 5 W’s – you may use your findings from Assessment 1 Part 1 here. Investigate how social media is already being used by the brand and retailer by conducting a high- level social media audit and demonstrate your analysis skills by completing a social media audit matrix (based on a Harvard Business Review Social Media Audit model by Quesenberry, 2015 – develop a Matrix to show your analysis skills). Please note you need to select an imaginary customer (your persona), competitor company and the selected company here.
  3. Based on your social media strategy, propose a new solution for this company. Use your imagination to present this strategy. For example, if this is an app, a game, new service, or a new product that you are planning to introduce, you may depict them using images as well. Also, describe how this will enhance the performance of the company, the areas where you see any changes.
  4. Customer Persona – Please note – you cannot select yourself as the persona, you must create a fictional persona that embodies all the characteristics of the ideal target customer.
  5. Develop a social media post to promote this new service, product or app. You can select the social media platform that you like this to be published.
  6. Conclusion
  7. References are expected:
    1. You need to use the RMIT College of Business Harvard reference techniques.


All students are required to submit an electronic copy of their submissions on Canvas. The submission link is Turnitin enabled. Submissions must be in either Microsoft Word or PDF format. You are not required to submit the presentation slides on Canvas.

Submit to Assignments section on Canvas 24 hours before the due date. This will allow you to check the Turnitin similarity score and make the appropriate changes should any be required. A satisfactory Turnitin score should be in a range of 13-18% excluding references and cover page.

Late Submission

Assessments are due on the given date and at a specific time.


Assessments not submitted at the given date and time through to:

24 hours late = deduct 10% of final score

24 to 48 hours late = deduct 20% of final score 48 to 72 hours late = deduct 30% of final score After 72 hours = a zero mark will be allocated

Extensions are not normally granted. However, in cases of genuine hardship, limited extensions may be given of up to seven days. If you feel that you have a ground for extension you must contact your lecturer before the due date for submission.

You may be asked to present a medical certificate or other relevant documentation and to complete an application form as required by the School of Accounting Information Systems and Supply Chain. This form is available on RMIT website.

Grounds not generally considered sufficient for an extension such as inconvenience, clash with social engagement, poor planning, and pressure from other course work.


There are no assessment resubmissions for this course. You will need to “do your very best” the first time.

Special Consideration:

You may apply for Special Consideration if you believe that your academic performance has been severely affected by illness or other serious causes outside your control. This is done by submitting a Special Consideration form with documentary evidence at the Student Hub no later than 48 hours after the due date or scheduled assessment. Students will be notified via their student email account of the outcome of the application, which, if approved, can include alternative assessment or an extension of time. The RMIT Special Consideration in Assessment policy is found at the link under the assessment menu on Canvas.

Plagiarism and Collusion

Note that this is an individual assignment. While general collaboration between students in terms of understanding of modelling concepts is acceptable, the assignment and the solution contained in it must be entirely your own work.

You must not:

  • Use another student’s work as the basis for your own.
  • Use another student’s work to help get an idea.
  • Steal, appropriate or make use of the work of another student, without their knowledge.
  • Lend your work to another student for any reason.
  • Borrow work from another student for any reason.
  • Use the ideas, words, or other intellectual property of anyone without proper attribution. Penalties for plagiarism and/or collusion can include formal reprimands, notes being attached to your student file, failure in the assignment, failure in the course or even suspension or exclusion from the university.

See the Course Guide for more information on plagiarism and cheating, and for links to College and University policies on this topic.

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