IoT Security and privacy regime Research project

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March 21, 2018
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March 21, 2018

IoT Security and privacy regime Research project

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Research Project

Internet of Things

Choose one of the topics given below and submit a research project, which should not exceed 6000 words.
Topics to select from but not limited to:
• IoT Security and Privacy Regime/challenges in all domains of IoT
• IoT Smart City
• IoT Mining Industry
• IoT Health Care
• IoT Independent Living of Older Generation
• IoT for Reducing Food Wastage in Australia
• IoT in Finance Industry and Security Challenges
•  Business Intelligence in IoT
• Future of Fog Domain
• IoT and Data Analytics
• Big Data challenges in IoT and Cloud
• Machine Learning for Intelligent Decision Making in IoT
• Blockchains/ Common Currency for IoT (eg IoTA) Challenges

If you want to choose other IoT related topics please talk to your lecturer before deciding.

Please use the template from the Student resource folder.

 Tasks 1. Analyse the Task -Milestone 1 Due Date 23/03/20018

Analyse what is expected of you. This includes careful reading of the assignment task as specified in the Subject Outline. The executive summary of the research project to be written as an Abstract.
For Analysis:
i. What is the purpose of this report?
ii. What is the topic you have chosen for your report? (The topic can be one specified as above, but you can come up with new ideas and topics of your choice in IoT)
iii. What is the expected format of the report? (Refer to the format on Interact2)
iv. Come up with a Problem Statement based on your topic, note it down and discuss it with your lecturer.
v. Write a small executive summary as an abstract

Your assessment should be submitted in either MS Word or PDF format (PDF usually preserves the formatting, MS Word may not – submit ONLY one). Do not submit your assignment in any other format and also do not submit multiple copies of the assessment. Use A4 page size with Times New Roman/Arial/Calibri font and use font size 11 or 12. Please include a title, your student ID and name with your submission. Your name should also be included as a footnote, with page numbers in your document. The Assignment should be submitted on Turnitin.

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