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Introduction to business studies Bucks new university


Module Title: Introduction to Business studies

Assignment No/Title: Coursework 1 – Portfolio

This assignment tests the following Learning Outcomes for the module:

  1. Describe the role of HR, Marketing and finance functions within organisations
  2. Develop an understanding of collaborative working practices
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of the main factors, both internal and external, which impact businesses
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of the role of financial management and reporting within the organisation

The Assignment Task:

This assignment is a Portfolio assignment where you will work on 4 pieces of work throughout the module and then submit all 4 elements at the submission date.  The assessments will include:-

  • A 15 minute group Presentation.  This will relate to the internal and external factors which impact on business  (Learning outcomes 2 and 3)
  • A poster.  This will relate to one part of the Marketing Mix, either Promotion, Price, Place or Product.  This is an individual element. (Learning outcome 1)
  • A Case study – 1000 words.  This will be based on either an aspect relating to HR such as motivation or Culture or relating to financial management and is again to be completed individually.  (Learning outcome 1 and possibly 4)
  • A report – 1000 words – which will be based on either HR or financial management, whichever was not addressed in the case study.  This is an individual piece of work.  (Learning outcome 1 and possibly 4)

(Specific details on these activities will be provided by each module team and should be linked to the relevant Learning Outcomes.  These can be added as an addendum to the assignment brief) These will be completed throughout the module, and although a mark will not be awarded until the end of the module, detailed formative feedback will be provided together with the opportunity for the student to resubmit work until the final deadline providing formative developmental opportunities.  Please see the module scheme for details of when formative feedback opportunities will be provided. 

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