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INF80024 | Managing IT Capability Assignment 3 | Research


Your task is to discern the key information to enable you to make a recommendation to the owner of the Osaka Flower Coffee Shop as to whether he should go ahead with the purchase and implementation of the TPS system that he is considering acquiring.

As part of your task you will create a mini-business case (using Excel) to assess the likely timeline of the benefits, using the costings of labour and other financial info that are provided in the case study.

You will also provide and justify your opinion on the following matters:
a) How can Duy make the TPS system work with the infrastructure that he and his staff are already using in the business?
b) How can he involve vendors/partners/contractors in the implementation – how might that add to the cost of implementation?
c) What risks does Duy need to consider that might impact on the original scope, timeline & budget of this implementation?

And also these two questions from the case study:
d) Can the software alone really solve the problems that he has encountered?
e) Was, in fact, the fundamental problem one of increasing local competition. 

And, if so, would technology really be central to the solution?

Osaka Flower Coffee Shop Case study report – how it is assessed

Understanding of concepts

•Clearly demonstrate your understanding of how to develop a small business case and the key elements of it, as covered in class and included in the literature.

Depth of research
•A successful report must go beyond restating the material presented in class, and must demonstrate a breadth and depth of research into the subject area.

Quality of analysis
•You must demonstrate your ability to critically select, analyse and evaluate the key elements of the Provided Case Study as it relates to ‘The task’ above and apply and make appropriate assessments.

•The essay should be well structured and clearly presented.

Effectiveness of argument

•You must demonstrate your ability to take a position on a recommendation to Duy and justify the position that you take.

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