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IMAT5209 – Human Factor in Systems Design


Coursework 1 – Personas and Storyboard

(25% of total module mark)

Think about the need to improve transparency in the governance structure ofyour country (or othercountriesof interest). This need makes the development of an e-voting system necessary.  An important aspect to consider is the usability and security of the e-voting system.Usability could solve problems relating to differences in languages, literacy levels, disabilities, and access to different technologies. The security could consider voters identification/authentication, and, vote duplication, transportation, collation, audit, and storage. Efficient Usability and security features would reflect citizens’ trust and confidence in elections.   

The e-voting system could be accessible to users through the web or mobile interfaces.  As a member of the design team, you have responsibilities for creating personas that visualise various user groups and, storyboards that outline the voting procedure.

Task 1 – Create a Persona – 30%

The purpose of personas is to make reliable and realistic representations of important user segments. Effective personas represent a major user group, their needs, expectations and how they would like to use the e-voting platform. The ideal persona describes real people with backgrounds, goals, and values.

The following questions and areas of discussion will help you construct a persona of the ideal voter who is your user.

Describe the UserPersonal What is the look? (pictures/images)What is the age, gender, race, religion, and language information?What are marital status and educational qualifications?What is the environment? (accommodation, location) Professional Indicate your user’s work and how much is earned How much work experience does your user have?What are your user’s needs, interests, goals, aspirations, believes, etc Technical What technological devices does your user use on a regular basis?How much time does your person spend on these technologies. Get Best cookery Assignments with us !!
User MotivationWhat is the user’s problem with the current voting procedure? What are the user’s expectations of voting systems? (i.e. regarding transparency, security, trust, and confidence of elections)

At least, your persona should include the following key pieces of information:

  1. Fictional name and image
  2. Job titles and major responsibilities
  3. Demographics such as age, education, ethnicity, and family status
  4. Their physical, social, and technological environment
  5. Their knowledge of technology
  6. Their needs and expectation from the e-voting system (i.e. security, trust, confidence, inclusion, etc.)

Please organise persona information in an easy to read, logical format. Depending on the amount of user research you were able to conduct and the nature of your user group. Also state any thoughts around the persona that is not shown on the diagram.

Each member of the group is to create one persona and will be graded individually on this task.

Task 2 – Create a storyboard – 60%

Create a storyboard that shows how the user depicted in one selected persona will vote. The following questions and discussions will help you create a user story with your persona

Pre- Voting ActivityWhat activities or tasks would be completed before the user could vote?
Voting ActivityHow will the user vote? What type of security could enhance the user’s confidence and trust?
Post-Voting ActivityWhat happens after the user voted? How secure is the collation process?

 Using your knowledge of use-case, provide a use case description of your storyboard. The description could itemise user journey (in bullet points).

This is a group work and the team will greaded as a group

Task 3 – Completed seminars – 10%

You are expected to have completed all seminars from Week 02 to Week 06 and upload the report on blackboard through the “Seminar Journals” link. This section is to be completed individually

Report the submission status of the journals, for example

  1. Week 01           –             Submitted
  2. Week 02           –             Late submissions due to ….
  3. Week 03           –             Not submitted


You are strongly advised to work in teams (3 to 4 students). However, you may decide to work alone if your situation demands such (this needs to be approved by the module tutor).  The submission instructions are outlined below:

Each member of the same team should submit EXACTLY THE SAME report produced by the team Holmes Blackboard

  1. Each member of the team should create a persona. For example, if a team has three students, the team should have three different personas. (Remember to include  P-number of the student that develop the persona in the header area  as advised in the template).
  2. The team should create only ONE storyboard. Use any digital drawing tool to design the story board. You can equally sketch the storyboard on a piece of paper and take its pictures. The picture is then inserted in your report.
  3. Collate all the personas and storyboard in ONE file, using the template (Class activity -Template.docx). Update the pages of the template to suit your team size
  4. Upload the file on Turnitin by the deadline