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ICTICT501 | Research and Review Hardware Technology Options for Organisations | IT


ICTICT501 Research and Review Hardware Technology Options for Organisations IT:

Task 1 – Determine organisational needs
ICTICT501 Research and Review Hardware Technology Options for Organisations IT.Your first task is to identify Ranford College’s organisational needs. In order to do that you will need to:
 I. Read carefully the information provided in the scenario above
II. Organise and conduct a meeting with your CEO (trainer) to 
    a. Discuss the selection criteria of the new technology (windows version, MS office requirements, memory, hard drive specifications etc.)
    b. Review the strategic goals of Ransford
    c. Determine organisation’s future requirements. 
    d. Discuss physical infrastructure and financial parameters against Ransford’s strategic goals
III. After the meeting you will need to develop a plan regarding the resources needed based on the project’s requirements and the notes of your meeting.To draft your plan, use the table provided below. 

Task 2 – Research vendors, suppliers and ICT industry specialists

At this stage of your project you will need to conduct a very detailed research for vendors, suppliers and ICT industry specialists. To complete your research, you will need to complete the steps below:  

i. Your first step is to determine suitable vendors and suppliers. Research online to find as much information as possible and create a list of all the vendors and suppliers you think should be contacted.  Fill out the template below. 
 ii. You will also need to research online for ICT Specialists that can help you with your project and record your findings below. 
iii. Your objective is to source information from the 3 top suppliers and vendors of your list above and assess this information against industry standards. The table below will help you record your findings and complete your assessment of information (there is an example of how to complete the table at the end). 
 iv. Lastly your will need to review if there any emerging industry standards and applications for compatibility with the suppliers/ vendors you researched. Complete your review below: 

ICTICT501 Research and Review Hardware Technology Options for Organisations IT

Task 3 – Evaluate and report on hardware technology options
In this task, you will be required to evaluate the hardware you researched and write a report regarding the technology options available. 

i. You will need to review and test your findings to identify suitability for Ransford requirements. More specifically you will need to visit the supplier stores with your trainer, see, test and review your top choice of laptop, desktop and projector. You will need to take and attach pictures in the table provided below and provide comments regarding your review. 
 ii. In order to present your top choice to your CEO and convince them to purchase the products you identified are most suitable for Ransford college, you will need to identify any related risks to that hardware. Using the risk matrix below, conduct a risk analysis by identifying, analysing and providing contingency plans for at least (3) risks related to your hardware choices. 
iii. Your final step is to create a report based on your research and present it using Power Point to your CEO. 

In your report you should include: 
– Title page (name, student number, title of the report, title of the unit) 
– Table of contents
– Introduction (explain the reason you are writing the report)
– Body (Include your initial plan, ICT specialists, suppliers and vendors, top choice of hardware, review, evaluation and risks identified) 
– Conclusion (which hardware you should purchase and why)
– Recommendations (regarding contingency plans)  

In your presentation you should include:
– Title page (name, student number, title of the report, title of the unit)
– Initial plan 
– Suppliers and vendors
– Top choice of hardware
– Review
– Evaluation
– Risks
– Contingency plans
You will need to print and attach your report and your presentation to your assessment booklet and submit it to your trainer. 

Task 4 – Knowledge Test
In this final stage you will be required to answer the questions below in order to complete the unit requirements safely and effectively. Answer the questions below with as much detail as possible. 

Question 1 –
 Describe and explain the business planning process relevant to researching technology. 
Question 2 – Outline and explain client examples of different business needs that can be satisfied by the provision of information and communications technology (ICT) products and services.
Question 3 – Describe and outline current business practices in preparing reports. 
Question 4 – Identify and outline current industry and technology information sources.
Question 5 – Outline general features and capabilities of current industry accepted hardware, cabling and software products, and identify emerging trends and product design. Provide 1 example for each (hardware, cabling, software product).  
Question 6 – Discuss equipment performance benchmarking. 
Question 7 – Identify one (1) industry network, one (1) key individual and one (1) organisation within the ICT industry. 
Question 8 – List and explain two (2) different information gathering techniques. 
Question 9 – Outline two (2) quality assurance practices to promote reliable investigation processes. 
Question 10 – Explain the following different vendor product directions:
        a.access and security products
        b. next generation networks
        c. self-configuring asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) or cable modem-router-switch for the small office/home office (SOHO) market
        d. wireless standards.

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