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ICT508: IT Projects Management


ICT508: IT Projects Management

Controlling a Project- IT Assignment Help


A project is monitored and controlled through a process of measuring progress towards project objectives, monitoring deviations from the plan and taking corrective action. Using the same project worked on in Assignment 1, complete the following tasks to produce the documentation required to monitor and control a project.

You must use the templates provided with your text in completing the documents required. These are available on LMS. You should use the lecture notes and Chapter 3 of your text as a guideline to the documentation you produce.

You can make any reasonable assumptions. However, any assumptions you make regarding the scenario and context for your chosen project must be documented.

You have been asked to prepare a policy document for your major stakeholder outlining the procedure for managing changes within the project.

1. For each of the ten (10) PMBoK Knowledge Areas you are required to provide the following information:

a. What types of changes can be anticipated in your project?
b. When during the project are they likely to occur?
c. What corrective action should be taken for each type of change identified in Q1a?
d. What deliverables are affected?

2. Using the project you are currently working on provide example changes that require updates to the following:

a. Risk management plan (identify both a positive and negative risk)
b. Communications plan
c. Work Breakdown Structure (but not related to staffing issues).

3. You have to deal with major conflict within your team. The result is that your team has remained in the Storming phase of Tuckman’s model (see Chapter 9 of the text).

a. Describe strategies you could apply to resolve the conflict
b. If all fails, your most experienced team member has threatened to leave the project. Discuss the impact this will have on all appropriate elements of the project. You should apply any Risk Management techniques/software you have access to in order to complete this discussion.