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Human resource development training plan


Human Resource Development Training plan Assignment help

Submission Details
This assessment is submitted through the Turnitin link available on LMS. The file should be labelled in the following way: MGT3HRD_Submitter’sSurname_Submitter’sID.docx (for example, MGT3HRD_ Smith_1234567.docx)
Grading Criteria and Feedback
Please see grading criteria on page 14
Description of Task
ASSIGNMENT – Plan, design and evaluate a training plan.
You are a management consultant, and you have been engaged by Mad Munch Pty Ltd, a food restaurant chain. The company currently has over 150 restaurants in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. The CEO, Manu Munch, has asked you to develop a training plan which can be administered across all the company’s restaurants, and also in its Melbourne Headquarters. Your task is to: 1. Develop a detailed proposal for the training plan, based on one of the topics below. The training plan should include: a)  A title and overall description of the plan b)  The training objectives c)  The training methods to be used and the rationale for using these methods (including a discussion of the principles on which the selection of training methods are based). d)  a tentative lesson plan for the delivery of one module in your training session e)  a list and brief description of training materials you will use to deliver your training f)  a program evaluation plan. Evaluation should be done at both the reaction and learning levels. Topics include: Attracting and engaging your workforce (a training program for Managers) Eliminating sexual harassment in the workplace (a training program for employees) Appropriate use of the internet at work (a training program for employees) Managing stress in the workplace (a training program for employees) Creating a more inclusive workplace for employees with disabilities (a training program for employees) Making safety our number one priority (a training program for employees)

Assessment task 2: Human Resource Development Training Plan (30%)

Criteria Standard Exceeded Standard Met Standard Not Met
Fulfilment of overall task intent (5 marks) Sophisticated concepts communicated through advanced use of technique Exceeds or refines the basic task requirements. Sound conceptual development, problems encountered have been satisfactorily solved, resulting in well-presented work Not completed: numerous parts are superficially treated, misunderstood or overlooked.
Application and evaluation of concepts dealt with in the topic or unit (10 marks) Creative or reflective processing of theories; understanding of how and why they are used; critical and evaluative thinking. Relevant concepts, etc. applied in a generally appropriate and thoughtful way. No major misunderstandings; logical connections between ideas; no serious omissions. Inadequate or no application; misunderstanding or extremely superficial treatment.
Structure and organisation (5 marks) Structure and sequence are used effectively to help integrate ideas or support logical argument. Soundly structured throughout. Sequence and structure are logical and easy to follow. Introductory and concluding sections used effectively. Poorly structured, does not make sense; needs assistance to be better organised and focused upon the topic. Too much irrelevance or confusion.
Critical Thinking (10 marks) Authoritative use of HRD concepts and concepts in the report. Clearly states the purpose, assertion, and evaluations and supports this with evidence in a sustained and logical fashion. Competent use of HRD concepts. Contains many relevant ideas, and attempts to structure and evaluate them in a coherent manner. Contains little or no meaningful information relating to the task, and makes no attempt to produce an organised response to the task.

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