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HRMN1011 Compensation Assignment Georgian

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COMPENSATION                                                                   HRMN 1011

Assignment 2 – Parts I and II

This Assignment will allow you to explore and report on, in detail, one of the important topics described in the textbook.  A list of specific topics will be made available to you in week 4.

You are not expected to cover the entire Chapter but focus more narrowly on a sub-topic and explore it in great detail. Get Georgian college Assignment help now !!

Essay writing tips
Essay writing tips

You will need to thoroughly understand the topic by reviewing the relevant chapter and conducting further research through outside resources (properly referenced/cited).  You are expected to:

  • Include relevant, current information and data,
  • Explore problems, challenges, barriers, difficulties
  • Provide recommendations on how you might effectively address issues

You may choose to focus more narrowly on a sub-topic and explore it in great detail.  For assistance in identifying how to do this, please ask for assistance.  Include your ideas in your proposal.

Part I

  • The first part of this assignment is a presentation.  This part of the assignment is worth 20% of your final grade.
  • This is an opportunity for you to get approval and feedback on your plans and includes a project timeline which will help you stay on track.  It can be submitted in Word, or Powerpoint format and should provide an overview of your strategy, resource / data collection, analysis and decision-making methods. It must be submitted via Blackboard, by the start of class Week 8.  It is important that you articulate your proposal clearly to ensure your success with the report.

Part II

  • The second part of this assignment is a written report. This part of the assignment is worth 10% of your final grade. 
  • The report should be in pdf format, at least 1000 words (not including reference and title pages and any appendices), in APA format. Get Cookery Assignments !!
  • Evaluation criteria: knowledge and understanding of the topic, reflection on your textbook chapter materials, relevant research and use of outside sources/studies, communication effectiveness and quality of visual aids, practical and creative identification of issues and challenges with logical recommendations for application.
Chapter TOPIC – CHOOSE ONE Chapter 8 Job Evaluation systems Point method of job evaluationDetermining Base Pay Structure Chapter 9 Compensation Surveys Conducting a compensation surveyUtilizing compensation survey data Chapter 10 Performance Evaluation Different methods of performance evaluationHow to utilize performance data in a rewards system Chapter 11 Performance Pay Plan Main types of performance pay plansNonmonetary reward plans Chapter 12 Indirect Pay Plans Major categories and types of employee benefitsFixed vs. Flexible Benefit PlansHow to design a benefit system Chapter 13 Effective Compensation Systems  Implementing a new compensation/rewards systemEvaluating the effectiveness of a compensation/rewards systemAdapting a compensation/rewards system due to changing circumstances