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HR4038 Human Resource Management


Module Code:HR4038 2021/22: all Newcastle, London and Singapore / Kaplan cohorts
Module Title:HRM in Practice
Distributed on:Session 1 via Turnitin on BlackboardSubmission Dates: Newcastle Cohort: 09:00 on Wednesday 11thth May 2022

Further information about general assessment criteria, regulations, referencing and plagiarism can be found on the module’s site on the e-Learning Portal. Students are advised to read and follow this information.


Your assignment is to write a structured essay “critically examining the role of HRM in achieving sustained organizational performance in an organization of your choice and produce recommendations to enhance current practice.”

To do this, the essay should be made of two parts. Part 1 [85%] should consider the following

  1. Identify the organizations’ overall strategy and its HRM strategy [10%];
  2. Discuss the nature and characteristics of HRM, drawing on theory [15%];
  3. Identify the main features of people management strategies, tools and procedures in your chosen organization for TWO topics [25%];
  4. Critically analyze HR practice-based challenges, relating rhetoric to reality [20%];
  5. Assess the arguments for and against HR achieving sustained organizational performance [10%];
  6. Overall Presentation & use of sources/referencing [5%]

Part 2 [15%] should, based upon Part 1, propose FOUR strategically and culturally appropriate HR practice recommendations [8%] for your selected organization in relation to your two chosen topics. These should be in the form of a visually impactful poster [7%] that could be used by the HR Director for the Corporate board (using no more than 150 words in total).

The word limit for the assessment is 3,000. The word limit excludes the reference list

In writing this assignment you should reflect upon and use the formal tutor feedback provided on the in-class test, and informal feedback received within the classes.

Final, more detailed, support for completing this assignment will be given in Session 8 along with further support and the opportunity to book 1-2-1s in Session 12.

Topics you may wish to include should be chosen from the following list:

  • People Resourcing (recruitment & selection)
  • Talent Management
  • Learning and development
  • Devolution of HR to line managers
  • Performance management
  • Reward management
  • Flexibility and job design
  • The employment relationship (employee engagement, employee voice, the psychological contract)
  • International HRM
  • Contemporary trends in HR (EDI, People Analytics, Generations or Future of Work)

This part of the assessment constitutes 80% of your marks for this module.

Word limits and penalties for assignments

If the assignment is within +10% of the stated word limit no penalty will apply.

The word count is to be declared on the front page of your assignment. The word count does not include:

Title and Contents pageReference listAppendices  Appropriate tables, figures and illustrations
  Glossary  BibliographyQuotes from interviews and focus groups.

Please note, in text citations [e.g. (Smith, 2011)] and direct secondary quotations [e.g. “dib-dab nonsense analysis” (Smith, 2011 p.123)] are INCLUDED in the word count.

If this word count is falsified, students are reminded that under ARTA this

will be regarded as academic misconduct.

If the word limit of the full assignment exceeds the +10% limit, 10% of the mark provisionally awarded to the assignment will be deducted. For example: if the assignment is worth 70 marks but is above the word limit by more than 10%, a penalty of 7 marks will be imposed, giving a final mark of 63.

Note: For those assessments or partial assessments based on calculation, multiple choice etc., marks will be gained on an accumulative basis. In these cases, marks allocated to each section will be made clear.

Academic Misconduct

The Assessment Regulations for Taught Awards (ARTA) contain the Regulations and procedures applying to cheating, plagiarism and other forms of academic misconduct.

The full policy is available at:

You are reminded that plagiarism, collusion and other forms of academic misconduct as referred to in the Academic Misconduct procedure of the assessment regulations are taken very seriously by Newcastle Business School. Assignments in which evidence of plagiarism or other forms of academic misconduct is found may receive a mark of zero.

Submission of Assessment:

Assignments are to be uploaded by no later than the official deadline via the Turnitin portal provided. To access the submission points, open Assessment Submission Points in the Assessment folder.

A practice assignment submission folder will be set up for you to run your assignment through – this is clearly titled “PRACTICE HR4038 Assignment 2 Submission”. It is recommended that you take the opportunity before final submission to run your assignment through the checker and make any amendments as necessary. Please ensure that your final submission is to the folder clearly titled “FINAL HR4038 Assignment 2 Submission”.

If you are authorized to submit late, due to an extension or any extenuating circumstances, please submit to the folder clearly titled “FINAL HR4038 Assignment 2 Submission- LATE SUBMISSIONS”

Mapping to Programme Goals and Objectives:

This assessment will contribute directly to the following Postgraduate programme goals and objectives.

Goal One: Be independent, reflective critical thinkers

Demonstrate awareness of their personal strengths and weaknesses through critical reflective practice.

Understand and challenge personal patterns of thinking and behaving.

Goal Two: Be culturally and ethically aware

Demonstrate their ability to work in diverse groups and teams. Reflect on their own ethical values.

Goal Three: Have developed leadership and management capability Demonstrate their personal contribution to team effectiveness. Communicate complex issues effectively.

Demonstrate decision making and problem solving skills. Carry out presentations and lead discussions.

Goal Four: Have developed and applied knowledge of international business and management theory

Acquire, interpret and apply knowledge of international business, management and organisational functions.

Goal Five: Have developed a range of research skills and project capabilities

Plan and complete a major individual piece of research on a contemporary business, management or leadership topic of their choice.

Demonstrate skills of analysis and synthesis in the application of research methods to the exploration of contemporary business issues.

Goal Six: Have developed specialist knowledge about the theory and practice of your programme of study

Demonstrate specialist functional knowledge in relation to your programme of study.

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