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Holmes Institute and HI5017 Managerial accounting

Holmes Institute in Australia is one of the most renowned Australian institute offering full time and part time MPA and MBA degrees for the overseas students. Student around the world prefer Holmes Institute so as to pursue their master of accounting or business management degrees as they offer quality education and world class infrastructure. Both MBA and MPA courses in Holmes Institute allow students to go through a series of steps for assessments such as tutorials, class assignments, home assignments, online quizzes and perdisco/myob tests etc. One of the important subjects for both MPA and MBA students is HI5017 Managerial Accounting.

Main aim of the managerial accounting subject is to help students with the main management accounting and techniques to the students of these courses. This coursework for managerial accounting HI5017 also involve learning budgeting, costing, accounting information and performance measurement aspects. All these aspects are being taught by the teachers in the class in this subject and assignments designed for this subject also require student to work on these parameters to gain high marks.

HI5017 managerial accounting Assignment T2 2019

The Assignment given for the HI5017 managerial accounting has the weightage of 30% of the total assessment of the subject. The purpose of the assignment given by teacher is as under:

Purpose: This assignment aims at developing your understanding of the purpose and use of management accounting systems, and its usefulness in aiding managers make informed decisions. You are to critically evaluate two journal articles to analyse the practical use of management accounting systems by contemporary companies, in terms of their relevance to the real-life companies’ decision-making by managers and achievement of business goals.

The Assignment task given in this is Journal Article Critique

Journal Article Critique (30 Marks) You are required to read the journal article by Watts, Yapa and Dellaportas (2014), “The Case of a Newly Implemented Modern Management Accounting System in a Multinational Manufacturing Company”, Australasian Accounting, Business and Finance Journal, 8 (2), p. 121-137. The journal article is attached as a separate file in Blackboard under the folder . Required: Critically evaluate the role of management accounting systems (MAS) and the provision of accounting information for the case company by answering the 4 questions below: Questions: 1. Identify any three (3) specific examples of the different types of management accounting methods and/or techniques from the case. (3 marks) 2. Are MAS relevant to contemporary organisations? Discuss this with reference to: i) What evidence is there from the case company? Include examples in your answer. (5 marks) ii) Compare and contrast this finding with one other journal article you will need to find that has discussed about management accounting systems in another real-life company or companies. Did this second study have similar findings as the first chosen article, or mixed and/or different findings? Explain with examples. (5 marks) 3. What conclusions do you make about the relevance of MAS in today’s competitive and (in most cases), uncertain business environment? (4 marks) 4. Provide four (4) specific outcomes or lessons learned from each of the two articles’ research findings that will be useful for management accountants in Australian companies to learn from, and justify your answer [i.e. provide 2 outcomes from each of the two studies]. (8 marks) Another 5 marks are determined by the overall presentation of your assignment.

The case study which needs to be referred for the present assignment is as under

In order to work on this assignment some of the key tips which needs to be taken care are as under:

  1. HI5017 Managerial accounting assessment is one of the practical assessment and students needs to consider the concepts and techniques imparted by teacher in class
  2. While writing the assignment please take help from the lecture slides and videos provided at the holmes blackboard as they provide key insights for the students
  3. Students needs to talk about their learning on the concepts and techniques of managerial accounting including budgeting, costing and other aspects as discussed during class
  4. The first question require students to discuss three different types of management accounting methods.

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