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How to write a dissertation proposal


What is a Dissertation Proposal?

Writing a dissertation proposal without help from a mentor can be overwhelming at first. There are a lot of things to consider – what it is and how it should be presented, what it includes, etc. Moreover, most students feel perplexed at what they should leave out and how to ensure that the proposal has everything that the supervisor was looking for. This is where comes in to offer you dissertation proposal writing help & and ease the burden on you.

Apart from getting a dissertation proposal assistance from our writers, we have also prepared a dissertation writing guide on writing a dissertation proposal to help yours hits the mark. Read on to know everything about a dissertation proposal & structure, importance, elements, and all.

The Essentials of a Dissertation Proposal– how long should a dissertation proposal be

What to include in a dissertation proposal happens to be the most searched query on Google by college students. To clear such doubts visit our free sample pages, our writers who offer dissertation proposal help have answered this question in detail. Length of dissertation proposal would depend upon the points to be covered and typically a dissertation proposal should be 4 to 5 A4 size pages with 1.5 line spacing which would be ideally 2000 to 3000 words.

how long does it take to write a dissertation proposal

Writing dissertation proposal is a timely affair since it would require deep research. Writing things in dissertation proposal should be backed by research since at the time of final dissertation writing we need to inculcate those things in details. So ideally a dissertation proposal would take time of 2 to 3 days for writing.

If you want to know about research proposal example then you can request us the same at given details in the image below. Our team can share several research proposal sample which would help in order to draft a quality dissertation proposal. Also we have pre-defined research proposal template also which can be used by students in order to write the dissertation proposal at ease.

Sometimes students are also asked about dissertation proposal defense powerpoint in order to justify the things mentioned in the proposal. Dissertation proposal presentation can be made in front of tutor so that they can advise changes. Dissertation proposal defense should be prepared well so that the things mentioned in the dissertation proposal seems apt. We also have sample dissertation proposal defense powerpoint presentation for the students to check and make their according to that.

Students can ask for sample dissertation proposal in education subject from us as we have freshly made it and can be used by them as a sample copy. We have both quantitative as well as qualitative dissertation proposal so while making request for proposal sample one should mention the same.

Dissertation proposal
Dissertation proposal

Here are the essential elements of a dissertation proposal you need to check off while writing one:

  • An introduction that explains the topic and focuses on the aims
  • A literature review that elaborates on the current reading status
  • An outline of the proposed methodology
  • A discussion of the probable research implications 
  • A bibliography of the relevant sources

Since a dissertation proposal can help you get the green signal, it should cover the research question that is to be analyzed and how you will conduct the research in detail. You must include the extent of your reading on the topic and the outcomes of the discussions.

Now, if you are running short of time, you can seek dissertation proposal help & from our writers for fast deliveries within the deadline. In what follows, our experts have discussed how to write a compelling proposal that impresses the instructors and supervisor panel.

What is the Importance of a Dissertation Proposal?

A dissertation proposal helps you explain why and how your topic can contribute to your field of study. It explains how your research is essential to fill up a research gap and how it will carry out the essential.  

Apart from it being crucial for the funding from the research committee, dissertation proposals work like a roadmap too. It offers you much-needed guidance when writing the main body of the text. When writing dissertation proposals, make sure to be flexible and open to change. This will help you deal with instances like altered research questions.

Since a lot depends on the dissertation proposal you submit, make sure to consult your supervisor regularly. Abide by your university’s regulations religiously. Also, never forget to cite the sources that you come across. This will help you draw up a comprehensive bibliography at the end of your work.

If you feel that your proposal doesn’t cut the mark, feel free to hire our writers for quality dissertation proposal help & at the best prices in the market. Just mention the requirements and guidelines, as stated by your university and submit the form to place your order.

How to Write a Dissertation Proposal in 6 Steps?

Learn the Ropes from ex-professors

While a dissertation proposal’s structure and length may vary, the steps of writing the proposal remain the same. If you do not know how to write a proposal for a dissertation, you can take dissertation proposal writing help from the writers of Alternatively, you can follow these six steps to write the proposal.

Step 1: Ascertain the topic

The dissertation proposal will be convincing enough only when it is based on a strong idea. So, take time to find an area that interests you and read about the dissertation topic to understand the key concerns and further scope for research. Once you have an idea, narrow it down so that the topic is feasible and not too vague.

Step 2: Present the idea in the introduction

Start the dissertation proposal by introducing the topic of your research and offer some insights into its background. Explain what is at stake in the study and present more context. Present your research questions in a way so that they are specific and feasible.

Step 3: Explore existing work in the literature review

In the proposal, explore the existing research in the field and how they have covered similar ideas. Doing this in your dissertation proposal will help you show that you are not researching a question that has already been answered. Analyse and evaluate each of the relevant sources thoroughly in the. Then, summarise the findings and comment on the existing gaps in the works.

Step 4: Describe your methodology

Next, describe the proposed methodology and how to plan the structure of your research. Elaborate on the methods that you wish to use to gather and analyze data and mention why you have chosen the methods. This will help you convince the supervisor panel you’re your approach to the research has been thought through and can be realistically carried out.

Step 5: Outline the potential implications

Although you cannot be too sure about the results and conclusions, your proposal should still include some of the projected implications. This will help you showcase the knowledge have about the topic. Describe the estimated result of your research and the practical as well as the theoretical impact it may have.

Step 6: Create a reference list or bibliography

Like any academic paper, your dissertation proposal must have a list of references. So, make sure to include a formatted reference list at the end of your proposal. Now, there different styles of referencing and your discipline and field may have specific requirements. So, please consult with your professor before choosing a style and apply it accordingly.

If you are still not sure of how to write a dissertation proposal, you can reach out to us for dissertation proposal help. We have over 5000 expert writers who can help you write an impactful proposal that wins over the judging panel.

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Tips for Writing a Dissertation Proposal from Our Scholars

“How do I write my dissertation proposal so that it stands apart from the rest?”

There are hundreds of scholars like you who may have pitched the same topic idea as your research. So, how do you make sure that your proposal clicks with the committee and you get the funding? The writers of have delivered thousands of dissertation proposals to help students get the signal.  

Below you will find some fantastic pointers that our writers have emulated while offering dissertation proposal writing help over the years. If you want to write a proposal that ticks all the right boxes, here is what you need to do:

Be clear and take a stand

The primary reason why the proposals written by our writers impress educators and instructors is that they establish a factual basis for the further investigation of a topic. So, make sure that your proposal highlights what you will prove by justifying your work in this field.

Inform the participants

Inform the participants about the objectives of your work and how you wish to use their ‘data’ in your paper. This way, the participants will know what to expect, as well as the ‘risks’ of their involvement. Including a ‘consent form’ along with a ‘fact sheet’ in your dissertation proposal will help you gain an edge over other researchers.

Establish confidentiality

As a researcher, make sure that you do not disclose any facts about your participants that can lead to their identification. Like our writers, mention the necessary precautions that you wish to take to maintain anonymity and protect their information. Doing so in your dissertation proposal will help you enhance the trust factor.

Pro Tip: If you do not know how to write a PhD dissertation proposal that cuts the marks, elaborate on your reasons for selecting the particular university over other institutes. Mention the department’s history of research in your area of study and the research grant you want to apply for.

A dissertation proposal goes beyond just regurgitating theories and the studies of others. If you think that the pressure is too much to handle, then we suggest that you consult with our experts for dissertation proposal help. When you seek dissertation assistance & from us, you get the following benefits:

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Most Popular Questions Searched By Students for writing dissertation proposal:

Q.1. What should a dissertation proposal include?

As per, “A dissertation proposal describes the research you want to do: what it is about, how you will conduct it, and why it is worthwhile.

A dissertation proposal must usually include:

  • An introduction to the aims and topic
  • A literature review regarding the present condition of knowledge
  • A structure of the proposed methodology
  • A discussion regarding the probable inferences of the research
  • A bibliography of pertinent sources

Q.2. What is the difference between the research proposal and the dissertation?

A dissertation is considered to be a thorough and comprehensive report on the research study. The main differences between the dissertation and the proposal are that a particular individual shall be putting the proposed research policy into practice for collecting and then analyzing the data.

Q.3. How do I develop an idea for my dissertation?

If one wishes to write a good dissertation proposal, then he or she should make sure that all the essential characteristics are present.

  • There should be a clear thesis.
  • It must be clear and articulate.
  • It should demonstrate the primary issues.
  • It shall refer to the present status regarding the knowledge and any other new debate regarding the topic.

Q.4. Do I have to follow a certain format for my final dissertation?

The following sections should be included in order to structure the dissertation:

  • The title page should be present.
  • There should be an introduction.
  • A literature review should be present.
  • A proper methodology should be followed.
  • The information or the data must be included in the research findings.
  • An individual should always write about the specific objectives in relation to the dissertation.
  • The conclusion should be present where one must write about a brief summary of the thesis regarding the proposal.

Q.5. How long does it take to write a dissertation proposal?

12-18 months

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