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How to choose subjects in Holmes Institute?


Subject selection at Holmes Institute

Present article would help students looking for admission in Holmes Institute or present students of Holmes looking for subject selection there. This article would provide them with a fair idea on how to select subjects especially for those who are not related to the particular domain. Choosing different subjects for a particular course is of immense importance for the students as this would decide their further prospects and opportunities. Student must consider a number of factors while selecting a particular subject for their course irrespective of the course selected by them. Holmes Institute offers wide range of courses for Graduation and post graduation field such as Bachelor of Business, bachelor of professional accounting, bachelor of information system, Graduate diploma in business, Master in business administration, Master of professional accounting and master of information system etc.

5 Factors to consider while selecting subjects in Holmes, Australia

Some of the common factors which are considered while selecting a subject are as under

  1. Whether the subject is related to their educational domain: For example, HI5020 Corporate accounting is one of the subject in MPA and students with commerce background can easily opt for this subject. Similarly, students with Science stream should not opt for this as it is core accounting subject.
  2. Theory or numerical subject: There are few subjects which mainly involves theory part and their implementation in the real world situations. For example, subjects such as HI6005 Management and organization in global environment, HI6006 Competitive strategy, Hi6008 Business research are purely theoretical. Similarly, subjects such as HI5020 Corporate accounting, HI5017 Managerial accounting and Hi6007 Statistics for business decision are some of the subjects which are numerical based. So students with good hold on calculations should opt for numerical related subjects while students with better capability for theory understanding should go for theory subjects.
  3. Assessment pattern: Third criteria for students should be related to the assessment pattern of that particular subject. For example HI6008 Business Research Project subject has 100% assessment marks in form of the assignments offered to the students. Students are being offered 4 assignments wherein 3 are group assignments while 1 is individual assignment and entire assessment marks are awarded based on the performance in these assignments. So for students who can write assignments well and don’t like exam/tutorials/online quiz can opt for this subject.
  4. Future prospects/opportunities for the subject: Students should also give due importance to the future prospects of that subject. For example, students looking for their career in Taxation field must opt for HI6028 Taxation Theory, Practice and Law while students looking for business law practice in coming time should go for HI6027 Business and corporate law. So depending upon the kind of future a student want to pursue the subject selection should be aligned with that.
  5. Other subjects opted in that trimester: Students should also take care of balancing out the load so that there is sufficient time to manage their work life balancing. Selecting all difficult subjects in a single trimester can be disaster for them. Check out our article on difficulty scale for holmes subjects.

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