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How to Choose subjects for Bachelor of Business Holmes


Bachelor of Business at Holmes Institute

Selecting subjects for Bachelor of Business is an important decision for students. Outcome of the course would largely also depend upon how wisely student has made subject selection in the three year course. Student has to undergo total of 24 subjects in the three years of Bachelor of Business degree. These 24 subjects would include 16 core subjects and 8 elective subjects. Further these 8 elective subjects can be divided into 2 electives and 2 compulsory subjects. Hence in 3 year graduation, every year student would have to undergo 8 subjects in order to accomplish the graduation.

Difficulty level for each subject of Bachelor of business

Difficulty level has been assigned for each subject based on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being most difficult and 1 being least difficult. We have considered student feedback in order to find out the difficulty level according to them. Their assessment for difficulty level mainly upon the time require to devote for each subject, numerical or theory part, assessment pattern and course to be covered. Read our detailed article on subject selection at holmes and difficulty level of subjects at holmes for more details.

Subject NameDifficulty level
HC1010 – Accounting for Business7.2
HC1021 – Interpersonal and Electronic Communication5.9
HC1031 – Managing People and Organisations5.4
HC1041 – Information Technology for Business7.2
HC1052 – Organisational Behaviour 6.4
HC1062 – Decision Making and Problem Solving6.5
HC1072 – Economics and International Trade6.9
HC1082 – Marketing5.8
HC2022 – Marketing Research6.3
HC2091 – Business Finance7.6
HC2101 – Performance Management for Human Resources 5.4
HC2112 – Services Marketing and Relationship Marketing5.9
HC2121 – Comparative Business Ethics and Social Responsibility6.3
HC3131 – Integrated Business Management Project7.2
HC3141 – International Strategic Management6.9
HC3152 – eBusiness Applications7.4
HI2011 – International and Global Business6.9
HI3021 – Export Market Development6.7
HI3031 – New Trends in a Global Environment 6.5
HI3042 – Cross-Cultural Management and Communication5.7
HK2011 – Buyer Behaviour5.4
HK3031 – Supply and Distribution Chain Management 7.2
HK3041 – Product & Service Planning and Management7.1
HK3052 – Marketing Communications5.5
HM2011 – Human Resource Development 5.4
HM2022 – Organisational Structure and Effectiveness 5.4
HM3041 – Entrepreneurship and the SMEs5.7
Table 1: Showing Difficulty level for different subjects of Bachelor of Business at Holmes

List of core subjects and major compulsory subjects

Core Subjects

  • Interpersonal & Electronic Communication
  • Information Technology for Business
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Decision Making & Problem Solving
  • Accounting for Business
  • Economics and International Trade
  • Managing People & Organisations
  • Marketing
  • Marketing Research
  • Services Marketing & Relationship Marketing
  • Performance Management for Human Resources
  • Comparative Business Ethics & Social Responsibility
  • Integrated Business Management Project
  • E-Business Applications
  • International Strategic Management
  • Trends in the Global Business Environment

Major in Management

  • Human Resource Development
  • Organisational Structure and Effectiveness
  • Leadership Development
  • SME Business Models

Major in Marketing (choose any 4 subjects)

  • Buyer Behaviour
  • Retail Management
  • Supply & Distribution Chain Management
  • Entrepreneurship and the SME
  • Marketing Communications

Major in International Business

  • Organisational Structure and Effectiveness
  • International and Global Business
  • Export Market Development and International Trade
  • Cross-Cultural Management and Communication

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