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HOS112 Bartending Assignment


Do you need help for HOS112 Bartending Assignment

Final Project Overview

Assignment #3 consists of two parts. For this assessment, students will propose a newly designed beverage (with or without alcohol), then demonstrate their Bartending skills & knowledge and walk the guests through the process of making the drink step-by-step.

Students are required to submit the proposal (part 1) through Blackboard Dropbox and hand in a hard copy to instructor first week of presentations. Part 2 of the assignment will be in the form of a practical, therefore, the document provided should serve only as a guideline on what students can expect to be assessed on.

*Each student will do a practice run at home prior to presenting in class. Once the beverage is made, student will take a photo, and include it in the chart. When taking the photo be mindful of the background, positioning, and overall aesthetic – sell me the drink!!

*Bartending kits must be brought to class AND used when making the Classic with a Twist during the presentation.

Be creative and have fun!

Part 1 (25%)– Each student will be assigned a drink. Students will then examine the original recipe and create an entirely new one – using the original as inspiration. Students will propose their new creation in writing by filling in the chart template.
Proposal DetailsNew Drink Info (Fill-in)
Name of Alcoholic Beverage or Mocktail Assigned 
Rename the Drink (Must sound interesting, be creative, & relevant) 
Recipe for New Drink (Must include complete recipe with measurements in oz, and step by step instructions in point form) 
Base Spirit (If creating a mocktail skip this step)   **IMPORTANT: We will use base spirits from our in-class inventory! Do NOT bring your own   Please ONLY indicate in the box to the right the name of the spirit you will be using for your presentation. 
1 Homemade Syrup (Create your own syrup, provide recipe, and step by step instructions) *You will be asked to bring syrup for in-class presentation   Your syrup recipe may be from a website or book post the link for citation if using this method OR you may create your ownConsider having two or more items in the syrup. Ex. Rosemary & Raspberry, Blackberry & Mint, etc.Needs to be more complex than simple syrup. 
Glassware (Specify which type of glass will be used) 
2 Items from the List Below (Specify which two you will choose & why)     Fruit, vegetables, fresh herbs, edible flowers, dried spices, etc. 
1 + Items from the List Below (depending on drink type – be specific)   Lemon or lime cordial, grenadine, juice, tea, coffee, soda, milk, cream, etc. 
Select 1 Garnish (Accent) (Must tie into the selected drink concept- think about why it works, colors, presentation – see garnish videos) 
Choose 2 Drink Making Techniques to Demonstrate: (Shake, stir, strain, double strain, build, muddle, layer, etc.) 
Rim the Glass – Optional (Use salt, sugar, celery salt, etc.) 
Photo (In this section, include the photo of your drink from the at home practice run) 
Part 2 (10%) – Students will demonstrate their Bartending skills and overall knowledge by presenting their Classic with a Twist creation. Each student will have a designated time slot during class to set up the bar area and provide step-by-step instruction.   The following will be assessed:
Bar Set-up (Student will set up the bar area with items needed to make the selected drink) 
Tools (Upon completion of bar set-up, student will indicate which tools are being used and their purpose) 
The Process (While making the drink, student will explain each step of the process) 
Outcome (Student will present the drink to the ‘guest’)