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HI6008 Business Research Project T2 2019 Topic Approval


Looking for Assignment Help HI6008 Business research project Topic Approval Assignment 1!!

Hi6008 Business research project topic approval Assignment 1 for Holmes Institute is about formation of group, choosing the topic and preparing the team charter for the complete business research topic selected by the students. List of potential topics given in earlier years from college are as under:

Hi6008 Business research project

1. Challenges of Accounting in Global Organizations

2. Challenges Managing Global Teams

3. Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing for Businesses

4. Opportunities Making Business with Mobile Computing

5. Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourcing Business Functions

6. Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Social Networks in Business

7. Opportunities and Problems of Social Electronic Commerce

8. Uses of Big Data in Business Organizations

9. Use of Ubiquitous Media Systems in Business Organizations

10. Business Innovation Through Open Data

11. Challenges in Cyber Security for Business

12. Observations of the Shopping Experiences in Urban Centres

13. Effects of social Media Advertising on Buyer Behaviour

14. A Comparison of Australia and (another country) Taxation Law (e.g. reporting, avoidance, compliance, use of tax revenues, etc)

15. Modern Effects of Industrialisation on Employees’ Health / Stress / Employability

16. Effects of Changes in the Government’s Funding of Aged Care Centres

17. Challenges Faced by International (in Higher Education, VET Sector, or English Language Schools) Students in Australia

Students can form a group of 2-5 students in which the entire Hi6008 Business research project course would be done by them. This course has mainly four assignments which are given as under along with their weightage of marks:

Hi6008 Assignment 1 Topic Approval: 20% weightage

HI6008 Assignment 2 Group Report on Literature review: 20%

HI6008 Assignment 3 Group report on research design and methodology: 30%

HI6008 Assignment 4 Reflective Journal Individual: 30%

HI6008 Assignment 1 Group formation, topic approval, team charter

First assignment is about forming a group of 2-5 members for this project and sending the details of the group to the teacher with the proposed topic. Once the topic is approved by the teacher then students can start working on their assignment 1. First assignment is aimed at doing some basic review of the secondary resources on the chosen topic of interest with min 3 sources along with one news item. Here students would be asked to prepare the research questions on which the entire study will be focused on. Team charter is listing all the members of the group and assigning the particular role every student will be assigned during the complete business research.

Team Charter Template

HI6008 Business Research Project – Team Charter

Team Member Names email mobile
Member 1 Contact 1 Pref 1
Member 2 Contact 2 Pref 2
Member 3 Contact 3 Pref 3

Note: The maximum team size is 3 persons.

  1. Explain the team’s agreed goals and timeline for completion (Due dates, meetings, milestones, deliverables from individuals)
  • Who is responsible for each activity?
  • What particular team-roles will each member contribute to the team?
  • What are your team’s expectations regarding meeting attendance (being on time, leaving early, missing meetings, etc.)?
  • What process will team members follow if they have an emergency and cannot attend a team meeting or complete their individual work promised to the team (deliverable)?
  • What are your team’s expectations regarding the quality of team members’ preparation for team meetings?
  • What are your team’s expectations regarding team members’ ideas, interactions with the team, cooperation, attitudes, and team-member contributions in general?
  • How will your team ensure that members contribute as expected to the team and that the team performs as expected?
  • How will your team reward members who do well and how will you collectively manage members whose performance is below expectations?
  1. Add any other team agreements and commitments here

This table may be useful in thinking about the effective combination of team members skills.

Team Members Lead-Role Allocations (examples) Name(s) Student Number(s)
Innovation / Design    
Networking / Relationships    
Writing / Editing    
Research / Data    
Accuracy / Reference checks    
Final Submissions    

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