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HI6008 Business Research Project Assignment 1 Group formation, topic approval and team charter


Sample Assignment Hi6008 Business Research Project Assignment 1

Table of Contents

1. Introduction: 3

Research topic: 3

2. Topic identification and discussion: 3

3. Initial literature search: 3

4. Statement of research problem: 4

5. Research question: 4

6. Team charter: 5

7. Conclusion: 5

8. References: 6

8.  Appendix: 6

1. Introduction:

This report consists of advantages and disadvantages of using social networks in the Wesfarmers business. This report describes about the marketing strategies by using social networking and including their impacts of Wesfarmers limited company. The initial literature search has been conducted for identifying the different advantages and disadvantages related to the Wesfarmers Company by using social networking. Finally the team charter has been discussed that helped in providing appropriate approval in the report.

HI6008 Business research project

Research topic:

Advantages and disadvantages by using social network in business-

2. Topic identification and discussion:

This also includes the various statements related to the research problem and several research questions. This report has also discussed about the certain lead role within the business of Wesfarmers limited company. This topic consists of both advantages and a disadvantage of using social network creates a social structure and shares information. This is an interesting topic to deal with as they are operated on the basis of online communities (Serrat, 2017). The team consisted of 4 members and helped in identifying the advantages and disadvantages related to the business by using social network.

3. Initial literature search:

According to Hill & Moran, (2011) social networking became most persistent and popular that people are spending lots of time in social networking for finding more techniques to reduce various barriers related to the business. The social media enhanced the business successfully and helped in the development of the employers connected to the company. The social media enhanced in communication, opportunity, allows wide audience, promote the expansion of market value over the market.

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According to Andrews,(2013) this report had also mentioned about the disadvantages that are faced by the Wesfarmers Company is the process of hacking over social networking and this may lead to the leakage of various important information related to the company. Secondly the online scams are the random activity that is happening increasingly in the business through networking (Raider, 2017). The main problem based on the social media in business is wastage of time and by passing wrong information’s to the people or customers those are related to the company and further sampling issues has been created that may affect the organization virtually.

4. Statement of research problem:

The research problems based on social networking in the Wesfarmers business are mainly online crimes such as hacking, cybercrime that may increase the risk of leaking much information of the Wesfarmers limited company. This may lead to many financial loses that may affect many department within the business. The cyber bullying form in different branches by creating fake account and allows in spreading different kinds of rumours to the customers f the Wesfarmers limited (Wallace, 2015). The spontaneous use of social network in the business sector can ensures frauds and scams in many cases. The main and important research problem related to the business is privacy and security issues, may decline the reputation of the business market, and may cause a huge loss in the business industry of Wesfarmers limited. The severe issue that can be caused by the social networking is relationship issues and which may take place in cheating in mantling deals with customers over the business industry.

5. Research question:

Research question is the foremost and fundamental study that helps in inquiry, reporting and analysing the project accordingly. This is the main element that considers both the qualitative and quantitative procedures of research related to the advantages and disadvantages of using social network in Wesfarmers limited. This helps in determining detailed information’s related to the advantages and disadvantages of social media in Wesfarmers limited. In this phenomenon includes various research ideas as well as theoretical formulation of the problems related to the business due to social networking.

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages faced in a business by using social networking?

6. Team charter:

Team Members Mobile Email
Amit Kumar +61XXXXXXXXX Intentionally left blank
Sumit Asija +61XXXXXXXXX Intentionally left blank
Rekha Yadav +61XXXXXXXXX Left blank
Gurwinder Singh +61XXXXXXXXX NA

The left part of the Team charter has been described in Appendix by answering many questions related to the topic.

7. Conclusion:

The topic concluded much information related to the topic and created a team charter that helped in solving the problems of social network in business. Many advantages and disadvantages has been identified along with research (Chang, et al., 2016).

8. References:

Raider, H. and Krackhardt, D.J., 2017. Intraorganizational networks. The Blackwell companion to organizations, pp.58-74.

Serrat, O., 2017. Social network analysis. In Knowledge solutions (pp. 39-43). Springer, Singapore.

Wallace, M. and Sheldon, N., 2015. Business research ethics: Participant observer perspectives. Journal of Business Ethics128(2), pp.267-277.

Lacka, E., & Chong, A. (2016). Usability perspective on social media sites’ adoption in the B2B context. Industrial Marketing Management54, 80-91.

Chang, S. E., Shen, W. C., & Liu, A. Y. (2016). Why mobile users trust smartphone social networking services? A PLS-SEM approach. Journal of Business Research69(11), 4890-4895.

8.  Appendix:

Team Charter

Team Members Mobile Email

1. Determining the team’s timeline and agreed goals for completion

The team helps in collecting data and much information that are relevant to the topic. Teams agreed goal is to do various activities such as writing, referencing, editing and researching accordingly.

2. Who is responsible for each activity?

The management and board of director the Wesfarmers Company is responsible for the limitations of social network in the business organization.

3. What particular team-roles will each member contribute to the team?

Each members of the team will contribute their roles among each other and similarly each people will identify about different issues related to the topic such as topic identification; discussion; literature search; research question accordingly.

4. What are your team’s expectations regarding meeting attendance?

The meeting attendance is much necessary for preparing this report in order to find the issues and solutions related to social working in the business

5. What process will team members follow if they have an emergency and cannot attend a team meeting or complete their individual work promised to the team?

If in case of emergency the team sometimes get unable to conduct the meeting so, they share every detail information to their team member to pass the task to the other member present in the team.

6. What are your team’s expectations regarding the quality of team members’ preparation for team meetings?

The team member requires knowledgeable and well qualified members within the team and by that team can arrange meetings for solving the problems related to the report of advantages and disadvantages by using social media in   business.

7. What are your team’s expectations regarding team members’ ideas, interactions with the team, cooperation, attitudes, and team-member contributions in general?

The expectation of team is very high because the team want an exact report on the topic advantages and disadvantages by using social network in business. They were good communication and interaction within the team for enhancing the vast information about the report.

8. How will your team ensure that members contribute as expected to the team and that the team performs as expected?

The team ensures the entire team member by showing them the level of performance and by contrasting their roles in different section of the report.

9. How will your team reward members who do well and how will you collectively manage members whose performance is below expectations?

Many rewards are provided to the team members for appreciating all the members and making them realise about their efficiency of work.

10. Add any other team agreements and commitments here

All the team members related in this project completes their work in a proper cooperative way.

HI6008 Business research project Assignment 1

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