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HI5033 Database System 2022 T3


HI5033 Database Systems

Paper Individual Assessment
Assessment Weight: 40% (3 deliverables)
Due: Sessions 4, 7, 13
This assessment item relates to the unit learning outcomes as in the unit descriptor. This assessment
is designed to improve student research and writing skills and to give students experience in
researching the literature on a specific topic relevant to the Unit of Study subject matter. Students
will be expected to complete a literature review to discuss a contemporary Database storage, access,
design or Information design issue which an IS professional may experience. Students will critically
analyze current academic papers then present their work in a detailed literature review and analysis

This assessment will be completed individually. All students must have a different topic. Students
can choose to write about the same technology, but the approach and the thrust of each paper must
be different. To ensure this uniqueness, each student must decide on a topic and email their topic
and title to their tutor within the first 2 weeks. Your tutor will respond with an approval or with a
message that you will either need to choose a different topic or to change the thrust of your paper.
You tutor may decide to do this for you. Once it has been approved you should begin by working
towards the first deliverable.
This assessment is worth 40% of the units grade is is a major assessment. Students are advised to
begin working on this assessment as soon as you have your topic approved
There are three (3) deliverables for this assessment

Deliverable Descriptions
Below is a description of the different deliverables and the requirements
Outline Submission
The outline deliverable is due in week 4 and is the outline of the paper you intend to write.
The outline will consist of: the title, your name and a list of the section headings that will be
included in your Literature Review. You should include at least 5 section headings which are
relevant to the topic you have been allocated, (this list should not include either ‘Introduction’ or
‘Conclusion’, though these can be included apart from the 5 others). You need to include at least
five preliminary references and indicate in which section they will be included. The references must
be relevant to the topic assigned.
Thus once allocated your topic, you need consider how you will structure the literature review so
you can devise a list or headings. You must have access the full-text article of any reference you
use. You cannot use a reference where you only have access to the abstract and title, or a small
section of the paper.
Draft Submission
The draft submission is due in week 7 and continues on from the outline submission above with the
same topic your group was allocated.
For the draft submission you are to write an Introduction, consisting of at least 2 paragraphs, and
you are to write one major paragraph for each of the five sections that you identified in the outline
Your introduction and other paragraphs should cite references from your reference list, and your
reference list for this submission should include your previous references and at least another 5
references which are relevant to the topic allocated. So your reference list should contain at least 10
references at this stage. All references must be in Harvard format including the in-text citations. For
each reference you must include a link to the full text of the reference. This link must be working
and cannot be to just an abstract and title, or only a section of the paper you are referencing. This
must be a direct link, we will not follow multiple links trying to find the paper.
If for some reason you decide to change one of the headings from the outline submission, you need
to write why this has changed, and are to follow the rules above by providing one major paragraph
for the new section. The section needs to be relevant to the topic and of course your associated
references need to be relevant.

Final Submission
The final submission of your paper is due in week 13 and continues on from the outline and draft
submission above with the same topic your group was allocated.
The final submission should be no less than 2500 words and include the work you have already
done in the draft submission (including any changes based on feedback). You need to extend the
work already performed in the draft
The final version of your paper is the polished version, the approach should follow the same plan as
your draft, but obviously some change may have occurred from the draft. You should not use a lot
of small sections and bullet points in the final version. Your literature review should be presenting
the state of current knowledge in the specific area of your topic, and as such, should have a
narrative that flows from one paragraph to another. You cannot achieve this with bullet points and
small disjoint sections. All references included with your paper must be cited within the paper and
be appropriate to the context of the citation.
I would expect at east 12 references in the final submission, and as well as providing the links to the
full-text articles, you are required to use an adapted Harvard referencing scheme for the in-text
citations. This adapted Harvard citation requires you to provide the page and paragraph number in
the reference that the content you are referencing can be found. For example, the reference may be
listed as
P Hawking, B McCarthy, A Stein (2004), Second Wave ERP Education, Journal of Information Systems Education, Fall,
The in-text citations would then be