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HI5019 Strategic Information system Tutorial


HI5019 Strategic Information Systems for Business and Enterprise Tutorial Help

Overview of HI5019 Information Systems for Business and Enterprise Tutorial Assignment T1 2021

HI5019 Strategic Information Systems for Business and Enterprise is all about planning and implementing short and long term goals within an organisation that helps to maintain the aims and objectives of a company by setting up a target goal.. It is used to provide information about the current situation of an individual, group or organization.  A strategic information system (SIS) is a specific type of  business information system (BIS) with the features Systematic approach to collecting, storing, and retrieving data; Integration with other systems. It is essential for your company to have a clear vision, strategy and organisation structure. It is extremely important that the employees of a specific organisation are aligned and have a vivid knowledge regarding their strategic information system. Strategic Information System (SIS) is a system that assists an organization in the identification, acquisition, maintenance, use and disposition of its data resources. the strategic information also helps to provide the management and higher authority of a specific enterprise regarding what the strategy of their company should be in the long run.

The SIS is also included in the MBA syllabus and it makes the students understand the requirement of strategic information system in various business organisations.

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