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Looking for HI5004 Marketing Management Tutorial Solution

Holmes Institute has changed the assessment pattern this year and majorly offering tutorial questions to check students understanding of the subject concepts. In this series for HI5004 Marketing Management students have been provided with 3 week tutorials which they need to answer. Buy them with us for only $15 AUD per week Punjabassignmenthelp@gmail.com

Tutorial 1 – Week 2

There is no luck. Only good marketing

“There is no luck. Only good marketing” Please provide your opinion about this statement. Please use examples and academic sources to support your discussion.

  • Discussion in 300 words
  • Use at least 2 examples to illustrate your discussion
  • Use at least2 academic sources to support your argument

Tutorial 2 – Week 3

  1. Indicate the differences and similarities between the following terms: marketing plan, strategic marketing plan, and tactical marketing plan.
  2. Explain what happens in a SWOT analysis during the strategic planning process.
  3. Describe a marketing plan.

Tutorial 3 – Week 4

  1. A marketing research firm has instructed its research associates to collect primary data by stopping people at a shopping mall or busy street corner and request an interview on the spot. Which contact method is being used by the researchers in this case? What probable risk may the researchers face while using this method?
  2. As a marketing researcher of a firm, you plan to conduct behavioral research to develop marketing insight. What procedure would you follow in this case?
  3. What is the chief advantage of using each of the following contact methods: mail questionnaire, telephone interview, and personal interview?