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HA2032 Corporate and Financial Accounting Tutorial

Are you looking for the solution of tutorial questions for HA2032 – Corporate and Financial Accounting subject. Holmes institute has recently changed pattern for the students and now instead of exams students have to solve the weekly tutorial in order to pass their assessments. Every week students would be provided with the tutorial questions which they need to solve based on the weekly lecture and tutorial material provided by the college. Contact us for help with HA2032 Corporate and Financial accounting tutorial help at:

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HA2032 Tutorial Question Solution
HA2032 Tutorial Question Solution

Tutorial Questions Week 1 HA2032

Tutorial Questions
Question 1: Discuss the main advantages of listing a corporation on the stock exchange?
Question 2: Explain the purpose of issuing share options and also when the dividend could be recognized in the financial statements.
Question 3: ABC Ltd was registered on 30 June 20X1. The next day, the directors issued a disclosure document inviting applicants for 200000 ordinary shares with an issue price of $1. The shares were payable in full on application. By 31 July, the company had received exactly 200000 applications, together with the correct application monies. The directors allotted these shares on 1 August.
(a) Prepare general journal entries to record the above data.
(b) Enter the above data into ledgers.

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