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Global Strategy: Challenges and Choices: Resit Assignment


Glasgow School for Business and Society: Global Strategy: Challenges and Choices: Resit Assignment

Individual case report (Maximum 3000 words) – Deadline 12.00 noon Wednesday 15th December, 2021  

1.  Introduction

Choose a global private sector company that competes internationally in a distinct industry sector. Provide a brief overview of the company (main activities, product/market portfolio, market share, competitors, key stakeholders).                                                                                                             (10 marks)

2. Global drivers analysis

Using Yip’s Global Drivers model, undertake analysis of the industry environment in which the company competes.                                          (20 marks)

3. International entry strategy

Identify and discuss the advantages and risks associated with the mode of entry to international markets adopted by your chosen company.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           (20 marks)

4. Globalisation

        Critically discuss the benefits and challenges associated with the development of market globalisation for your chosen company.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            (40 marks)

5. Conclusions

Identify and summarise the key issues and findings that have emerged from your analysis and discussion of the case.                                             (5 marks)

6 Referencing

Provide a full reference list properly set out in Harvard style                                                                                                                                       (5 marks)

Marking grid

Introduction  Fails to demonstrate any effective understanding of the task   0-1 marksBasic overview of the company.         2 marksBasic but functional overview of the company       3-4 marksAcceptable level of coverage giving clear insight into the company.     5-6 marksGood level of coverage giving clear insight into the company.     7-8 marksVery good level of coverage and articulation giving clear insight of company   9 marksExcellent overview, very well- articulated,   insightful.   10 marks
Global driversFails to use Yip’s model, no effective analysis                 0-2 marksVery basic overview of a few external factors, lacks analytical quality               3-6 marksOffers some insight but lacking in analytical depth of discussion.               7-9 marksAcceptable use of Yip’s model with well -chosen factors. Scope for more depth of discussion.             10-12 marksGood coverage and analytical depth of well-chosen aspects of Yip’s model. Impact of drivers well-articulated.         13-15 marksVery good coverage and superior analytical quality of well-chosen aspects of Yip’s model. Impact of drivers very well-articulated and convincing.   16-18 marksExcellent response throughout with evidence of effective research, analytical depth, and impacts clearly stated   19-20 marks
Mode of entry  Fails to demonstrate an understanding of chosen mode                     0-2 marksMode identified but not discussed in any depth                       3-6 marksMode identified but lacking in follow up explanation or effective discussion around advantages or risk                 7-9 marksMode identified properly and some evidence of effective analytical discussion around advantages and risk                 10-12 marksMode identified properly, good level of follow up discussion and clearly linked to advantages and risks               13-15 marksMode applied properly with well- argued case for linking to advantages and risks with some examples added.               16-18 marksMode identified properly with advantages and risk very well expressed with very good examples             19-20 marks
GlobalisationFails to demonstrate understanding of globalisation           0-4 marksDiscussion lacked coherence around globalisation and the chosen company.           5-10 marksGlobalisation understood but little depth or quality to follow up discussion         11-15 marksConvincing discussion of globalisation with some coherent link to chosen company.         16-20 marksGood discussion around globalisation with coherent link to chosen company.         21-29 marksVery good understanding of globalisation and clear link to chosen company.         30-35 marksExcellent understanding of globalisation and clear and convincing link to chosen company.   36-40 marks
Conclusions  Fails to summarise key identified issues         0 marksSome mention of key issues but fails to articulate them clearly around strategic aims     1 markKey issues identified but fails to convince when linking to strategic aims       2 marksKey issues identified with some link to strategic aims         3 marksKey issues identified with clear link to strategic aims.       4 marksKey issues identified with clear link to strategic aims and expressed clearly     5 marksKey issues identified with excellent and clearly stated links to specific strategic aims 5 marks
Referencing  References set out wrongly     0 marksMost references set out wrongly     1 markSome references set out wrongly     2 marksA few references set out wrongly     3 marksOne or two references set out wrongly   4 marksOne reference set out wrongly     5 marksReferencing perfectly set out   5 marks

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