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Individual AssessmentThis assessment is worth 20% of the unit. It is graded out 20 marks. Submit via Canvas. No resubmissions are allowed for this task.
Resources:Monash Universities Learning Support website for more assistance with academic writing. Swinburne Library guide on how to reference
DeliverablesCompletion of FSET Academic Integrity Unit Report on visualisations used in a specific domain
Marking CriteriaThe report must demonstrate an understanding of the context of the current semester’s Topicdata encoding guidelines (ie what marks and channels are suitable for particular types of data)data visualisation guidelines Use in-text referencing and reference section according to Harvard style where appropriate See the end of this document for a comprehensive marking guide for this assessment.
Additional CriteriaVisual presentation, English expression and academic integrity
DueMonday Week 6
Word Limit1,500 (min) to 2,500 (max) words
Late Penalty10% of the achieved mark per day

Assignment Topic S1 2022

Life before and after COVID-19

As the world starts transitioning to a post-COVID state, people are wondering exactly what was the impact of COVID and are we showing signs of going back to the way it was before, or are some changes here to stay? We know that a lot of people got sick and died during the worst of the pandemic, but what about other aspects of our lives? In LAB 1 we looked at some data that indicated pet ownership increased in Australia between 2019 and 2021.

In this assignment topic, you will need to find and critique 2-3 visualisations related to the im- pact of the COVID pandemic and subsequent recovery (or not). Try to avoid visualisations showing death/sickness/infection rates directly attributable to COVID. Rather find some less obvious ways in which the pandemic has left its mark on the world.

To prepare for this report:

  • Do the FSET Academic Integrity Unit (see your Canvas Dashboard)
  • Review how to cite and reference web pages and research articles (see Swin Library guide to Harvard style referencing)
  • To find academic or government publications try searching on Google Scholar.

Suggested Assignment Structure

Title Page

  • Unit and student details
  • A descriptive title for critique
  • Word count

Executive Summary

Overview of the report and key recommendations (less than 200 words)

Table of Contents

Make sure you use heading styles and use your word processor to autogenerate your table of contents.

1 Introduction

This section includes:

Background information including the purpose of this report and definition of key terms and concepts. What is the purpose of each visualisation? What questions does it purport to answer? Who is the intended audience?

2  Body (Note: Choose informative sub-section headings)

Suggested topics: What kind of data is used in the visualisations? How is the data visually encoded? Is the visual encoding appropriate for the data type? Any other issues with the use of data types and visual presentation?

Is the visualisation effective? Does the visualisation answer the user’s questions? Can the data be read precisely? Does the visualisation mislead the user? Does it follow good design principles? Can you suggest any improvements?

3 Conclusion

Wrap your critique with a summary of your critique and what has been learned from your analysis.

  • summarise the main ideas
    • do not introduce any new ideas

4 References

A list of materials cited in the text of the assessment. Do not include references that you have not personally read.

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