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Assessment item 2 – Cloud Business Plan Development

Value: 15%

Due Date: 19-Apr-2022 Return Date: 12-May-2022 Group Assessment: No

Submission method options: Alternative submission method


Assignment Objective:

The core element of this assignment is the development of a cloud-based business (Entrepnership or Cloud Migration of an existing business ) with features of innovation, planning and implementation of a true entrepreneurial small IT business. Your task is to research the opportunity, review its full potential and convert your findings into a workable business plan.

Tasks: Total Marks: 150, Weightage: 15 %

  1. Think of yourself as an entrepreneur (or group) and devise a cloud-based business of your choice, (If not IT, must be closely aligned to IT). Review the uniqueness of your idea if the idea is unique and different, it will get more marks. Innovation carries

more marks. In the end, devise a BUSINESS VALUE PROPOSITION statement.

  • Plan this business from start-up to harvest. Complete information for each component of your Business Model Canvas. See lecture 5 for guidelines. Sufficient detail is required for each component.
  • Write a comprehensive report with the following headings and features:
    • Title (Name and Logo of your company) -5 Marks
    • Table of Contents – 5 marks
    • Executive Summary -10 Marks
    • Introduction -10 Marks
    • Business Value Proposition- 15 Marks
    • Business Value Canvas- 45 Marks
    • Cloud Architecture-20 Marks
    • Cloud Applications- 20 Marks
    • Conclusion-5 Marks
    • References-5 Marks

Report Structure, Clarity, presentation and readability with be carrying 10 marks.

Your report should have a word count of 2000 words ± 10%. Your report should provide references in APA 7th ed. format.


This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:

  • be able to compare and evaluate the ability of different cloud computing architectures to meet a set of given business requirements.
    • be able to evaluate a set of business requirements to determine suitability for a cloud computing delivery model.
    • be able to identify and design an ICT Risk Management strategy for a cloud computing delivery plan to meet business requirements.
    • be able to critically analyse business requirements to plan a migration to a cloud model.


Your report should use the following headings:

  • Cloud discussion
    • Web Services Infrastructure
    • SharePoint Design Platform
    • Desktop
    • Online Blog

Your report should have a word count of 3000 words ± 10%. Your report should provide references in APA 7th ed. format.

Your report should use the following presentation standards:

  • Use Calibri, or a similar font, in 11 or 12 point type.
    • All diagrams and images are to be embedded in the document. Diagrams and images that are supplied separately will not be marked.
    • All text should be left-justified.
    • Each page must have a header or footer with your name and student number. Page numbers must be shown in the footer of each page, except on the title page.
    • Answers to the questions must be in your own words and should be precise but complete and informative. No marks will be awarded for any answer containing more than 10% direct quotes (referenced or unreferenced).
    • APA reference style must be used throughout the document with the bibliography at

the end of the document. In-text citations should also follow the APA7 style. APA referencing guide can be accessed via the following link. This also forms a part of the marking rubric.

Reports that do not meet this presentation criteria will not be marked.

REQUIREMENTS For this assessment you are required to use APA referencing to acknowledge the sources that you have used in preparing your assessment. Please refer to the CSU referencing guide In addition, a very useful tool for you to use that demonstrates how to correctly use in-text referencing and the correct way to cite the reference in your reference list can be found at

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