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Assessment 2: Individual Written Assignment

  • Presentation Format:
    • Written formal report, with numbered headings and table of contents
    • Microsoft Word document
    • 12-point Arial or Times New Roman, 1.5 line spacing, 2.54 cm margins, aligned left
  • Length: 2,500 words (including headings, executive summary, reference list) (± 10%)

Submission Deadline: 7 April 2022; Time: 9am (AEST) via TurnItIn

  • Learning Outcomes Assessed: 1.1-1.4; 2.1
  • Total Weight: 50%. University policies for plagiarism and late submissions apply prod/Assessment%20Procedure%20for%20Students_T1-2022.pdf. Assessments with a high text match will automatically be reported to Academic Integrity Management for investigation.
  • Marked out of 50.
  • Electronic cover sheet: Assessment items submitted without a cover sheet will not be marked by an examiner until a cover sheet is completed.


Public parks provide an array of social, health, economic and environmental benefits to individuals and to the community as a whole. Parks are essential for enhancing the liveability of a city and improving the quality of life for its residents. Parks are also a core attraction for tourism recreation. Visitor engagement with parks can be influenced by social media.


The aim of this assessment is to deepen student understanding of how servicescapes and social media influence customer experiences in a highly complex and interdisciplinary nature of a park setting.

Task Description:

To complete this assessment, students are required to conduct a virtual field trip to ONE of the following Australian National Parks:

  • Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park;
  • Kakadu National Park;
  • Daintree National Park; rainforest/

Note: You may use other online social media sources (e.g., Instagram, Facebook) for further information on these parks. However, comment analysis should only be from TripAdvisor and Google Reviews.

b) Visit TripAdvisor AND Google Reviews for the same location. Analyse 10 comments for each customer review category on TripAdvisor (i.e., Excellent, Very Good, Average, Poor, Terrible), and 10 comments on Google Reviews for the park you selected. The selected comments for analysis must be from the past 12 months.

You have been hired as a Queensland Parks and Recreational Manager, and have been asked to report on the following:

  1. Assess the visitor types and demand for park. In your assessment, consider the following:
    1. Indicative size of the park
    1. Visitor types and park demand times during an average day
    1. Primary, secondary, and other uses of the park

Note: You may insert maximum two pictures to back your findings.

  • Applying relevant theories, identify and discuss the servicescape design of the park which provides a memorable visitor experience. In your discussions consider these as well:
    • Existing provision for recreational facilities, programs and services
    • Amenities and services provided
    • Extent to which accessibility for all visitor types have been considered

Note: You may insert maximum two pictures to back your findings.

  • Based on content analysis of the online comments, and applying relevant theories, discuss the extent to which the park:
    • Meet some visitor motivations and expectations;
    • Does not meet some visitor motivations and expectations.

Note: Demonstrate your analysis and understanding of what the visitors say about their experience. Do not include more than two direct quotes from the comments you analysed under each of the above sub- sections. Keep the quotes short and brief, and not more than one line.

A suggested length guide for your assignment (you can change this to suit your report structure):

Executive summary (approximately 200 words)

  1. Visitor types and nature of park demand (750 words)
  2. Dimensions of service environment (750 words)
  3. Visitor motivations, expectations, satisfaction (600 words)

Additional Information:

Get Assignment help with 7258THS Foundations of Tourism and Hospitality with Punjab Assignment Help

Assessment 3 will build on the work you do in this assignment.

  • An introduction, summary or conclusion is NOT required.
  • A 10% deduction will be made for assignments exceeding or below the recommended word limit.
  • Insert all diagrams, tables, pictures, and other graphics in the body of the assignment and make sure they are properly formatted, titled and layout is neat on the page (no large gaps).

Citation and Referencing:

The assignment should show evidence of research, with references from relevant academic journals. You should use minimum 12 (TWELVE) different peer reviewed academic articles and use them as the foundation for each part of your report. Do not use Wikipedia as a reference source. Unless it is a generic theory / model, cited publications must be within the past 10 years.

All citations and references must adhere to APA 7 referencing style ( In preparing your assignment for submission, familiarise yourself with the content on the following site:


Assignment E-Cover Page:

  • You must complete an electronic cover page found in your assignment folder.
  • Assessment items submitted without a cover sheet will not be marked by an examiner until a cover sheet is provided. The date of submission for the assessment item is recorded as the date on which the cover sheet is received and penalties for late submission will apply.
  • There is no mark allocated for the e-cover page (see Assignment Marking Rubric).

Assessment Submission and Returns Policy:

Assignment Submission

This assignment must be submitted electronically using TurnItIn. You will find two TurnItIn submission points under your course folder Assessment > Individual Written Assignment. One is a DRAFT and the other is a FINAL submission point.

Submit your draft assessment at the draft submission point. You will receive a report indicating the proportion of text-matching within your assignment. This draft submission does not count towards your final marks and will not be marked.

Assignments with similarity percentages of 25% and above may indicate academic misconduct and should be revised before final submission.

Please ensure you submit your FINAL assessment to the FINAL submission point. At this submit point, you will not receive a test-matching report.

Return of Marked Assessment and Release of Marks.

The assignment will be marked according to the marking criteria listed in the Assignment Marking Rubric. The marked assignment and feedback will be available via TurnItIn submission point TWO weeks after the submission of assignment. Marks for all assessment items will be recorded in the Marks Centre and made available to students through My Marks on Learning@Griffith

Get Assignment help with 7258THS Foundations of Tourism and Hospitality with Punjab Assignment Help

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