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Assessment TaskTypeWeightLengthDue
Assessment 1: Online Quizzes Weekly online quiz of key content areasIndividual Invigilate40%20-30 mins each (Equiv. 3000 words)Week 3-Week 10
Assessment 2: Report- Project Management Plan (Scope, Schedule, and Cost) This assessment requires students to work in groups and analyse a real-life project of their choice to develop and write a report on the scope, schedule, and cost plan for this project.Group30%4000 wordsWeek 9
Assessment 3: Presentation of the project plan and status to a sponsor for a project case This assessment requires students to work individually on a project case whose status shall be provided, prepare PPT slides that include information about the project case plan and status and present (orally) their project case along with the submission of supporting documents.Individual Invigilated30%Supporting documents (1000 words) 15 mins (Equiv. 1000 words)Week 11/ 12

Assessment 1: Online Quizzes

Due date:Week 3 to Week 10
Wordcount/Time provided:20-30 mins each (Equiv. 3000 words)
Unit Learning Outcomes:ULO-1

Assessment 1 Detail

In this assessment, students are required to answer multiple-choice questions, short answer questions and practical questions. Weekly online quizzes from week-3 to week 10 will be conducted during the two-hour workshop and shall cover the weekly course content. The students need to do them before-class activities including watching the mini videos and studying the lectures slides and the chapters associated with the weekly lecture. The aim of this quiz is to assess the students’ understanding of the key concepts of the topics explained from week 1 to week 10, it also helps in identifying further support needs.

Assessment 2: Report- Project Management Plan (Scope, Schedule, and Cost)

Due date:Week 9
Group/individual:Group (max. 3 students)
Wordcount/Time provided:4000 words
Unit Learning Outcomes:ULO2, ULO4

Assessment 2 Detail

This assessment is designed to assess your technical skills in planning and communicating a project plan effectively. You are required to form a group (max. 3 students), and select a project case (either from the provided links to the real-life projects or a project case of your group’s choice). The selected project (either ongoing or already completed) is to be assumed by your group to be in the final stage of Initiation, with either a signed-off project charter or in the stage of getting the approval of the project charter. You are required to create the scope management plan, schedule management plan and cost management plan for your project. This report should include an introduction to the project case, a stakeholders’ register, and a brief project charter. The Scope management needs to include project justification, in-scope and out-of-scope, constraints, Limits, assumptions, technical requirements, statement of work (SOW) and priority matrix (use the provided template). WBS structure (minimum of three levels), WBS dictionary, work packages and linking WBS to OBS, scope verification and validation methods, scope change control, and designing the change control boards (CCB) and roles and responsibilities.

You are required to continue working with your group on the selected project and develop and write a schedule management plan that includes processes, tools and techniques to be used and documents to be developed as per your client’s requirements, define activities (activity list, proper activity logic, activities identification), milestones list, activities sequence, relationships, project network and critical path(s), estimates of activity duration (basics of estimation, durations, resources estimation and allocation), roles and responsibilities in scheduling, and monitoring and controlling schedule (EVA relevant to project schedule) Just provide a description of the methods and tools. Using your project planning and scheduling skills and utilising the provided excel templates, you are required to develop a schedule plan, and resources plan (sheet and allocation for each activity) and develop a schedule baseline.

You are also required to develop and write a project cost management plan that includes: plan cost management (identify processes, tools and techniques to be used and project documents to be developed as per your client’s requirements), define cost elements (labour, material, variable cost), identify types of cost (direct, indirect, fixed, variable), determine the estimating method (s): (top-down, bottom-up), use estimating techniques (analogous, parametric, three-point method) to estimate budget (creation): establish a time-phased budget, provide a discussion on monitoring and controlling cost (EVA relevant to project cost including forecasting and variances), and establish a cost baseline.

For successful completion of this assessment, you should meet with your group regularly (at least once a week via Zoom meeting). You will also be assigned to the group Wiki page which will be your

platform to collaborate with your group. You require to study the material provided (lecture slides, tutorials, and reading materials), engage in the unit’s activities, and in the discussion forums. The prescribed textbook and PMBOK are the main reference along with the recommended reading material. Groups are expected to discuss their work with the lecturer and to seek support.

Following resources may assist students in selecting a real-life project but the students could select any other real-life case study project suiting their preference as a group:

  • Projects within the Transport Program for UNSW:
  • City of Sydney, projects within the Changing urban precincts program:
  • Kerzner, H 2017, Project management case studies,6th and, John Wiley & Sons, Hoboken, New Jersey.

Assessment 3: Presentation of project plan and status to a sponsor for a project case

Due date:Submission of supporting documents and the PP slides in Week 11, presentations in Week 12
Wordcount/Time provided:Supporting documents (1000 words) 15 mins (Equiv. 1000 words)
Unit Learning Outcomes:ULO1, ULO2, ULO3

Assessment 3 Detail

This assessment is designed to assess your technical skills in communicating project status effectively to different stakeholders. You are required to work individually, and you will be provided with a unique project scenario. You are required to prepare supporting documents, and PowerPoint presentation slides that include adequate information about the project case and present your report (verbal presentation) regarding the project status.

The project scenario and detailed instructions will be provided on Monday of week 10 or earlier and you are expected to apply the knowledge and skills you learn over the trimester for the submission.

While the main marked assessment is your PowerPoint slides and verbal presentation, you should demonstrate a clear understanding and high-level project management skills in your submission and presentation. You need to submit supporting documents and presentation files prior to the submission date in the Assessment 3 Canvas submission space. Details of the supporting documents shall be available in the detailed instructions shared with you.

The date of presentation shall be conveyed to the students in Week 10, and it is mandatory that the students are available during their designated presentation time slots.

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