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Get FIT5057 Project Management S1 2022 Assignment Help


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(Average word count is 3,500, not exceeding 4,000. Max pages are 12, including cover page and reference list).

Get FIT5057 Project Management S1 2022 Assignment Help

The Assignment Task

As a future project manager, you need to understand what behavioural and practice rules of engagement you need when setting up your project’s governance framework. Establishing this understanding is underpinned by knowing how your project is linked to some underlying strategy plans and how your framework of rules steers your and your team’s work behaviours and practices when conducting project management and execution work to deliver the underlying strategy linked business objectives.

The given paper (titled “Project Governance and its role in enabling organisation strategy implementation: A systematic literature review”) helps you to establish first insights into project governance and is to be referenced in your analysis and framing of your responses to the given inquiry question/s.

Relevant tasks to action:

  • Critically read the Musawir et al ‘s journal paper and summarize the key sections and underpinning highlights of the discussion.
  • The paper concluded that there are no one consistent definition of project governance. Be guided by the following critical thinking driven steps to generalize a common project governance definition from 4 selected ones, including the workshop’s definition.
  • Examine the different definitions presented in the paper. If needed, include other clearer definitions you can find in other literature sources.
  • Choose 3 sound definitions from your definition reviews and summarize each one as a short but comprehensive definition statement.
  • Abstract from the appropriate workshop study notes about project governance, a summarised definition statement as discussed in class.
  • Generalize from these 4 varying definitions-statements a concise and comprehensive definition from your selection of varying definitions. The critical thinking and writing work involve:
  • Identifying the key concept (as keywords) that underpin each definition-statement.
  • Summarizing the key context (meaning) of each concept identified.
  • Construct a table as follows, to compare and contrast how well each of the 4 definition addresses the project governance concepts you identified.
  • Discuss your comparison findings and conclude a generalized definition based on this analysis.
  • Now that you have established your own generalized definition of project governance based on literature evidence, critique the strengths and weaknesses of this general definition, and what can you do, as future resolutions, to mitigate the identified weaknesses.
  • Applying your generalized definition of project governance and based on what the paper has identified as roles, explain how project governance frameworks of behaviour and practice steering rules support the implementation of organisation strategies. In your answer, you need to define what are the key data integration elements when strategy plans decomposed into project plans. Hint: the data elements of strategy plans that are passed to project plans are the data notions of (a) strategic objectives and (b) the triple constraints’ targeted performance measures.

Report Template

The following shows how to set out the information you have gathered from your research in the form of a report.

  • Report Purpose & Discussion Scope (1/2 page)
  • Summary of Given Paper (1 – 2 page/s)
  • Summary of Research Findings (Max 8 pages)
  • Generalized Definition of Project Governance.
  • The 4 Selected Definitions of Project Governance
  • Compare and contrast the 4 definitions
  • A generalized definition
  • The role/s of project governance in organisational strategy implementation
  • Conclusion (1/2 – 1 page)
  • Conclude your analysis findings
  • Close with an action statement of how these analysis findings would help you plan the project governance requirements for your Assignment 2.
  • Reference List (at least 10 references for a Pass grade) of which 50% must be peer reviewed. No Wikipedia, blogs, marketing materials, etc.

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