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Get Engineering Mathematics CIS034-1 Assignment Help


Get Assignment help with Engineering Mathematics CIS034-1 with Punjab Assignment Help

Are you worried about your Engineering Mathematics CIS034-1 Assignment that you need to submit to the professor but cannot present due to some issues like time and complications in the assignment? So now you no need to worry about your assessment with Punjab Assignment Help. in this Engineering Mathematics CIS034-1, Students will be divided into groups of 4. Intelligent vehicle control equipment ( Case Study ) is also attached in this Engineering Mathematics CIS034-1. Students will produce a word-processed document detailing the work that has been done.

Get Assignment help for Engineering Mathematics CIS034-1 Intelligent vehicle control equipment ( Case Study ) with Punjab Assignment Help
Get Assignment help for Engineering Mathematics CIS034-1 Intelligent vehicle control equipment ( Case Study ) with Punjab Assignment Help

Engineering Mathematics CIS034-1 Instructions

A case study for a proposed system is attached. Based on this description, your group must perform the following tasks:

  1. Create a mathematical model of the system, including first-order differential equations.  An essential aspect of mathematical modelling is to simplify the problem.  For this assignment creating a “compartmental model” and using Newton’s Law of Cooling will lead to suitable differential equations.  The theory is covered in Sections 9.1 to 9.3 of Barnes and Fulford (2015).  Modelling of heat conduction with partial differential equations is not required.
  1. Evaluate the parameters of the model (the coefficients in the equations) based on information provided to the group or found during research by the group.
  1. Use the discussion board, file exchange area and/or collaborate room (which will be supplied for your group on BREO) to share information from your research and modelling.
  1. Use MATLAB or other mathematical software to numerically solve the equations.
  1. Test the model with relevant coefficient values.
  1. Create a word-processed report including details of the model that the group has developed and of the testing of the model.
  1. Give a 5-minute presentation about the project. 

Intelligent vehicle control equipment ( Case Study )

All around the world, manufacturers are competing to produce autonomous or self-driving vehicles.  Autonomous Vehicles Ltd are trying to develop a system with sensors and artificial intelligence that can drive a car.  Or if self-driving is not possible, to develop a system that can assist a human driver.  The information from the sensors is sent to a high-performance processor chip that executes the artificial intelligence algorithms.

The system works fine when they test it in the company laboratory.  The air temperature in the laboratory is about 20 °C.  When they turn the system on, they find that the processor warms up and that after a while it reaches a steady temperature of about 45 °C.  The temperature that is measured is that of a large metal heat sink, which is attached to the processor and which helps the heat to disperse into the air, and 45 °C is within the operating range of the processor.

But when the system is fitted in the vehicle, the processor is installed in a plastic case to protect the electronics.  The air inside the case heats up, the heat cannot escape, so the processor overheats, and it can get damaged and stop working.

The project team is considering various ways of solving the problem.  One suggestion is to allow air from the surroundings to enter the box, replacing the hotter air.  This might be a passive system with holes to let the air in and out, or they might fit a small fan to blow air into the case.  The amount of heat removed will depend on the airflow.  The CPU includes a temperature sensor, and there is the possibility of turning the fan on or off if the processor temperature reaches particular values.

Your task is to model the system to better understand what is happening and what can be done about it.  You need to model (a) the laboratory setup, (b) the existing setup in the plastic case, and (c) the proposed setup with air exchange.  You will need some additional information: some of this you can find by research (including in datasheets for components), other information (such as the type of processor and the size of the case) will be supplied to your group during the assignment.  To explain your recommendation, you need to produce a report and give a presentation to the management of the company.

Demonstrate understanding of the use of differential equations, by modelling an engineering problem with relevant differential equations, graphs, explanation, and MATLAB (or similar) commands

Get Assignment help for Engineering Mathematics CIS034-1 Intelligent vehicle control equipment ( Case Study ) with Punjab Assignment Help

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