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Due Sunday 10 April 2022 at 11:59 pm (week 5)

Write four reflections on any of the weeks’ 1-4 readings. Your writing should reflect a developing understanding of the teaching and learning processes in sustainability, and the strategies required to meet the needs of individual students across diverse Early Childhood settings. You will need to include contemporary justice and social and environmental issues in unpacking the importance of sustainability.

Please include at least 2 academic references and the EYLF


Tasks are submitted weekly to the Forum

  • All tasks were submitted as one Word document on 26/09/21 (week 5)
  • Wordcount: 1,500 words (around 350 words x post)

JOURNAL TASK 1 (350 words)

For this task, please complete only ONE of the tasks below.

How Sustainable is your home?

Following today’s topic, please share your understanding of sustainability and sustainable practices. Please complete a sustainability audit of your home indicating ways in which you are being sustainable. Share your findings in a post and include photos if relevant. Include links to the NQS and EYLF.

A sustainability audit tool was shared to give you some ideas. Please advise if you need a copy.

Found-object sculpture

Collect recycled materials and found objects from your house and use them to create artwork that is meaningful to you. Describe your process in selecting materials and refer to the NQS and EYLF to explain how you could introduce a similar activity for children.

JOURNAL TASK 2 (350 words)

Bush Banter Program

Please watch the video Bush Banter program improving oral language in preschool ( ). Answer these questions (350 words):

  • Briefly describe the Bush Banter program
    • What is the difference between banter and business talk, as explained in the video?
    • How is Aboriginal culture included in this program?
    • What do you think about the program?
  • How would you feel about participating in this program? What about organising this program at your service?

Please include 1 academic reference with your post.

JOURNAL TASK 3 (350 words)

Showing respect for the environment

Watch               the               video ‘Connectedness:               Exploring               environments

( ).

The key focus in this video is showing respect for environments. Children will explore:

  • caring for the kindergarten
  • exploring interactions between people and environments Please answer these questions:
    • What evidence of learning did you see in the video?
    • How are children actively contributing to the educational program?
    • What interactions between people and environments are explored in the video? How have these interactions informed the educational program?
    • How could you support children in your context to develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions needed to show respect for environments?

JOURNAL TASK 4 (350 words)

Climate change

Please                  read                  the                  article                  Climate                  Matters ( sustainability/) by Dr Sue Elliott and watch the video How to talk to kids about climate change ( )

  • Why is it important to discuss climate change with children?
    • How can this be done in an age-appropriate way?
    • How could you ensure that children are not scared by the information you are sharing?
    • How could you engage children to help stop climate change?
    • Reflect on the impact you can have as a teacher, for instance in increasing awareness about climate change?

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