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Question 1: (5 marks)

Identify two different types of cracks in concrete elements.

Take a photo of the crack in a concrete element (e.g. part of a building, pavement, retaining wall or other concrete elements) and look at the surrounding area to see how the crack may have originated. Answer the following regarding the crack:

  • Show a photograph of the crack
  • What is the possible cause of the crack? Show a picture or diagram of cracks caused by similar causes from elsewhere (textbooks or internet) to back up your suggestion.
  • What are the possible ways the cracks of this type can be avoided in the future?

Question 2: (5 marks)

The attached information shows the construction details of a water tank which was constructed late last year. The slab was poured in one pour and the walls (incl. Baffles) were poured in two even sections.

Forms were stripped 3 days after pouring walls. The weather on these pour days was not extreme. The cracking was identified through most holes allowing for formwork ties perpendicular to the wall thickness.

The cracks were in a vertical direction originating from the base to nearly half of the height of the external walls. The cracks appear to be wider near the base and narrowing with the height. The cracks appeared within the first week after the concrete placement, first noticed as soon as the formwork was removed.

The following are dates and events:

·         22nd October

Tank Base poured (Temperature min 9.3, max 16.5oC)

·         27th November

Northside of structure poured (including the north wall, ½ east wall, ½ west wall & intermediate baffle) (Temperature min 17.4 oC, max 30.6 oC)

·         1st December

Formwork stripped (the first sign of cracking through formwork tie bars)

·         12th December

Southside of structure poured (including the south wall, ½ east wall, ½ west wall, intermediate baffle & overflow weir) (Temperature min 14.1 oC, max 22.5 oC)

·         15th December

Formwork stripped (similar cracks to first pour noticed)

·         17th January

Water testing commenced and leakages were detected.

A photograph of the cracks in concrete and water leakage is shown in the pictures attached. Drawings are also attached.

Your assignment is to identify the type of cracks and convince the reader of your report the conclusions that you have reached in your report.

  • List all the possible type of reasons that may have caused these cracks and select most suitable type.
  • Discuss how these types of cracks can be avoided in the future in the same type of situations.

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